1. Rogue109 says:

    No doubt, Icarus. I don’t live in Clayton County but am pleased that at least the DAs office has a chance to recover. In the end, “Walking Small” is a boob, but he can only cause so much harm to law enforcement. Between the new DA and the current Clayton County Chief of Police, things should get better.

    My girlfriend, sitting next to me, just commented that SpaceyG will no doubt make a comment about my reference to a “boob.” Oh, well…(grin).

  2. Victor Hill still has to face Jack Rainwater, a white former APD officer who said he’s running as a Republican “as a last line of defense” in case Victor won the primary. Looks like he had a pretty good strategy, although you’ve gotta question his chances.

  3. bluemcduff says:

    Love that Jewel’s gone too–her campaign slogan proves prophetic in that the voters here have decided that she’s gone far enough.

    Hopefully with her gone, her husband won’t look to run for office again–I’m tired of looking at their billboards.

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