The push for school reform in Georgia

The Augusta Chronicle starts off our morning with this:

Not satisfied with your child’s public school? It’s getting easier to afford a private school education.

The push is on to persuade Georgia businesses and residents to direct part of their state taxes to nonprofit organizations that will fund private school scholarships.

Through the new Student Scholarship Tax Credit Program, created by state House Bill 1133 this past legislative session, as much as $50 million can be given to charitable groups approved to award the scholarships.

Unlike the state’s special education voucher program, there are no restrictions on who can receive the scholarships.

We then have the Athens Banner-Herald foaming at the mouth over Eric Johnson’s school reform efforts.

If it wasn’t perfectly clear when he introduced a measure calling for vouchers for special-needs students in the 2007 state legislative session, it is now: State Sen. Eric Johnson, R-Savannah, is intent on leading the charge to dismantle Georgia’s public schools.

Johnson, who as president pro tem of the Senate is the second-most-powerful legislator in that body, was successful in getting the special-needs voucher bill passed. Since then, almost 900 students with disabilities have moved to private schools or into other public schools where their parents think they will get a better education. When those students left the public schools in which they had been enrolled, the money spent on them, including federal dollars, followed them to their new schools.

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  1. GOPeach says:

    “as much as $50 million can be given to charitable groups approved to award the scholarships.”…

    “GROUPS APPROVED”???? by whom???
    What merits an “approval”

    This is an itty bitty band aid on a gapping wound!
    It’s not like Georgia schools are on the top 10 list!!

    If you ask me Senator Eric Johnson is doing the right thing. I homeschooled all 5 of my kids and my grandkids are being homeschooled. Now- we had plenty of money to send them to Lovette or Paces Academy … I just liked my family being close and learning together as we traveled the world. We learned our Geography by actually going to China, Russia, Europe, etc…

    My grandkids are worthy of vouchers! They need to see the world like my kids did!

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