Saxby is ready to rumble.

He’s planning to make good use of the internets.

Neither Jones nor Martin has exploited the Internet as Obama has.

But Chambliss has been careful to guard against a flanking movement in cyberspace. He regularly posts speeches and appearances on his own YouTube channel. Chambliss’ Web site serves as a model for other GOP candidates and has generated more than $100,000 in contributions, Perdue said.

Most important, Chambliss and the Republican Party intend to match Obama in the hunt for fresh voters —- which Democrats claim as their key to victory.

Perdue said the Chambliss campaign and the state GOP have built lists of Georgia residents who are likely to lean Republican, but haven’t yet registered to vote.

“It’ll be the most comprehensive voter registration effort that Republicans have ever attempted,” Perdue said.

Few details of the operation were available. But remember that in 2004, Ralph Reed did something similar in Florida on behalf of George W. Bush’s re-election, scouring church directories and gun club membership lists

If Chambliss is successful in his effort it could benefit many down ballot Republicans as well. Couple this with Obama’s spending in Georgia and we could see some very interesting races this year.


  1. GOPGrassroots says:

    This is great!

    After watching Howard Dean splash around in the fountains at Centennial Park, it’s nice to see a thoughtful effort to register voters…who will actually turn out in November.

  2. jsm says:

    Now if we could just get a more thoughtful effort on Saxby’s principles and policies. When he comes campaigning in your town, let him know what you think about his actions on immigration, farm bill, earmarks, etc.

  3. Harry says:


    Please keep us posted about volunteer opportunities to get together and work those lists of GOP voter prospects.

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