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Several people have noted in the comments something I did not even pay attention to (my apologies).

The mailer into the black community did not come from Stan’s campaign committee.

Nonetheless, I don’t think that matters. Why? Because I have it on good authority that Watson knew about the flier, had no problems with the flier, and was happy to see it go out, but wanted plausible deniability.

There could be a potential campaign disclosure violation as I’m likewise told the other flier was timed to go out at about the same time.

I should have, however, noted that the campaign itself did not send out that one mail piece, even though they were complicit in it.


  1. Erick says:

    No, Common Sense. Bush did not, contrary to popular belief, have any involvement in the Swift Boats issue.

    Watson’s campaign did have involvement in this.

  2. John Konop says:


    Do you support John Wiles with this bill. BTW I do not!

    AJC-Political mudslinging goes anonymous

    Few knew about legislation that lets groups and state, local candidates go on offensive in mailings without identification.

    The law that took effect July 1 lets candidates for state and local offices, and groups trying to influence races, send out attack brochures with relative impunity.

    The lawmaker who pushed the change says anonymous speech is protected by the U.S. Constitution.

    “I believe those in office and those running for office should not be afraid of an anonymous attack,” said state Sen. John Wiles (R-Marietta), who worked to amend House Bill 1112 to wipe out the disclosure provision.

    “The public is smart enough to judge who is making the attack, and if they don’t know who is making the attack, the public usually discounts anonymous attacks.”

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    So how many days have gone by without a statement from Stan Watson on this matter? Will Stan diavow and denounce this mailer?

    As they say in poker, “That’s a tell.”

  4. Doug Deal says:

    John, so should the authors behind the Federalist papers all be retro-actively sent to prison for their “corrupt” anonymous speach?

    There was even a landmark Supreme Court case that upheld that right.

    In McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission the Court wrote:

    Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views . . . Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . . at the hand of an intolerant society.

  5. John Konop says:


    Show me in the Constitution were it said a corporation, union…. is a person? I am 100% against McCain style campaign reform. Yet I am 100% for voters having full knowledge who or what is behind the attack ads!

  6. Dave Bearse says:


    Georgia HB1112 that was passed this session insures nobody can ever go to prison for completely anonymous mailers. Nobody to the best of my knowledge was ever forced to purchase or accept Federalist Paper publications. The mailer is different in that it is delivered by the USPS, a public utility in a manner of speaking, to citizenry that have no choice but to accept it.

  7. Eurekabrown says:

    Fact none of you have PROOF, PROOF that his campaign did this mailer it could have been Burrell Ellis campaign manager Kevin Ross.

    I MIGHT ADD WHO ALSO WAS Mayor Bill Campbell’s Campaign manager twice and his chief of staff!.

    Not one, and I do mean


    (1) O-N-E !!! Has questioned the fact that Burrell Ellis has working for his over (20) FORMER BILL CAMPBELL EMPLOYEES! ON HIS PAY ROLL!

    Four of which were caught in that corruption scandal, WHY are so many Atlanta Employee working on a DeKalb CEO race? Why are so many former Bill Campbell employees working for Burrell Ellis and why did State Sen. David Adelman send them over there?

    Oliver Brown, convicted of theft by receiving
    Kevin Ross fired from being mayor Bill Campbell chief of Staff after using a city car for personal reasons
    Tim Hardin fired using city credit cards to pay for personal items
    Rita Cambers fired using a city credit card to go on a trip, was featured on FOX 5

    OH then there is the fact that Burrell Ellis has the most notorus of all the Bill Campbell lackeys working for him Micheal Langford (fired by MAYOR Franklin for misappropriating money) From the Community Outreach program. Lets not forget the money Micheal Langford took from Mark Taylor was is $150K for field work that wasn’t done statewide.

    Then how about this guy who works for the City of Atlanta fire department demoted for sexual harassment

    You talk about Watson, at least he doesn’t have a bunch of felons and convicts working for him.

    Nice JOB in Turing DeKalb County over to crooks in the CITY of ATLANTA David Adelman and Emmanuel Jones

    You talk about what Stan knew and when, how about the fact that Burrell knew he has convicts working for him. $500 to anyone’s charity that disproves what I said, but you wont, because it’s a fact.

  8. Eurekabrown says:

    OH and yes that was before Langford went into the hospital. Doesn’t matter he still worked over there

  9. kam says:

    I just sent this e-mail to someone who seems to be very angry with our campaign, so I want to share it with you on this blog.

    Ms. L,
    I’m sorry but these are not our words or the words of State Rep. Stan Watson. As Communications Director for this campaign, I can confirm that Rep. Watson did not approve this flier. We believe this to be yet another ploy from Mr. Ellis.

    You have no idea what the Semblers and Mr. Ellis would do to win this election. He and his developer donors have lots of work to do over in the Briarcliff area and they have a lot riding on this campaign. They actually are paying people to pull up our yard signs. If I had more time I’d tell you how truly low he has gone so it does not surprise us that Ellis has sent out this post card to paint Stan as a racist. I’m sure you’ve read that Ellis is the one with all the money. We can’t afford to waste money on literature that won’t get us any votes and make the white community angry.

  10. Eurekabrown says:




    Tell you what if you ask nicely I’ll drop about 10 more names of Atlanta employess being sent over to DeKalb to help Burrell seven of them are from the City of Atlanta Water Shed Department.

    Isn’t that right Mrs. Mosby

  11. Eurekabrown says:

    Look what I found!

    Sense one of you brought up the Barrack Obama question with Stan Watson trying to link himself to the Obama Campaign.

    I would say it looks likes the OBAMA campaign

    DOES indeed want STAN linked to them.

    Read it right here
    maybe you men are just to slow in your fact findings but according to this link from the Obama campaign Burrell Ellis and even his fellow elected supporters who are Democrats out of DeKalb never endorsed their own party’s nominee. I wonder why Burrell has never publicly endorsed Senator Obama and been VETTED by the campaign, maybe someone can’t pass the background check to be vetted!

    Burrell Ellis (Not been vetted by Obama’s camp)
    Connie Stokes (Not been vetted by Obama’s camp)
    Jeff Rader (Not been vetted by Obama’s camp)
    Cathy Gannon (Not been vetted by Obama’s camp)
    And all 20 DeKalb Mayors (Not been vetted by Obama’s camp) as Burrell likes to point out along with former CEO Leann (Not been vetted by Obama’s camp)

  12. Eurekabrown says:

    Wait I just found out that maybe the reason that Burrell Ellis can’t be vetted is because like his counterpart Mayor Bill Campbell he had some issues similar to what Bill had with anger management.

    But what the hell even Neal Boortz back Bill Campbell the first term over Judge Marvin Arrington and Neal will tell you that was the worst mistake he ever made. Just because an African American is pretty and light skinned is no reason to vote for him.

    Burrell Ellis and his Atlanta Mob Squad that is supporting him with destroy DeKalb and turn into what Atlanta has become.

  13. Eurekabrown says:

    Let me guess you didn’t even read that link from the Obama camp did you? You have nothing to say about the former and current City of Atlanta folks working with him.

  14. Eurekabrown says:

    Oh, I get it now I sound crazy because you don’t have a comeback to naything I posted “LITTLE MAN.” and I do mean VERY LITTLE MAN

  15. Progressive Dem says:

    Nobody engages the insane, Eureka. If Stan wants to respond, he should speak for himself instead of sending someone who has never posted here, has no credibility, and acts like a fool. Your ranting doesn’t do Stan any good, but go ahead if it relieves the pressure.

    Stan can you make a professional sounding denial? Please throw a bone. Don’t you want to put up some fig leaf of cover regarding this racist smear? Regarding the post from Kam: It is completely illogical for a candidate to send out a negative mailer against himself. That is so stupid an idea that I can hardly comprehend it.

  16. mrdunwoodyguy says:

    Wait I got to say something, Please! Progressive Dem I have been a lurker for three years and Peach is B-team among the Georgia Blogs and everyone knows it.

    I’d rather spend my time at Rob Reddings posting than Peach any day of the week or Georgia Unfiltered.

    This seems to be a very coordinated blog attack by Ellis supporters with David Adelmen up in there some place.

    I love Stan’s commercial that has been airing on Comcast showing Ellis throwing a 77 year old man out of a meeting it’s on youtube if you haven’t seen it.

    I just saw this ad on CNN

  17. Dave Bearse says:


    Say what you will, but the “white” mailer that is not in dispute as being from the Watson campaign was (to the best of my knowledge) sent only to white voters.


    Your distancing the Watson campaign from the flyer would be better if you would use your name in the post, and much more importantly, directly stated that the campaign or its supporters did not send the flyer (instead of stating that it was not the words of the campaign or Rep Watson, nor was it approved by Rep Watson).

    Too bad the Dome let slip through HB1112 that eliminated any requirement that such mailers properly identify the sender.

  18. mrdunwoodyguy says:

    “Too bad the Dome let slip through HB1112 that eliminated any requirement that such mailers properly identify the sender.”

    Yep and too Bad State Sen. Adelmen and State Sen. Jones let it happen.

    Hey David I hear you’re supporting “Mohamed” Kasim Reed for Mayor of the City of Atlanta. Tell me how will you sell a Muslim to the Atlanta and Jewish community?

    Because you did a pretty bad job at selling Obama to them and he wasn’t a real Muslim.

    I also hear that Mohamed Kasim Reed will not be using his given name by his father and mother in the Atlanta mayors race.

    Hey David, you still want to run for Lt. Governor or are you really thinking you’ll get a position with Obama in D.C.?

    I hear Gene Duffy, you remember him is still pretty pissed off about what you said about Jones at John Lewis fund raiser a few weeks ago.

    I am just really surprised that you would be supporting Mohamed Kasim Reed, you always struck me as the kind of Georgia State Senator that prefers light skinned African American to darker ones.

  19. joe says:


    This is all your fault. If you had posted something interesting today, the crazies would have been distracted.

  20. Icarus says:

    Normally, a good football post on Friday is enough for the weekend. I’ll try to do better in the future, as their forces seem to be growing stronger.

  21. Icarus says:

    “The most 2nd rate blog”

    Is that like the best AAA baseball team?

    I post on a few third rate blogs as well. Want some of their links?

  22. mrdunwoodyguy says:

    AAA? I wouldn’t know I played D-1 Football so I don’t have much experience with B-Team players

  23. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Look at me everybody!!! I played D1 football and won an SEC championship.

    yawn…sound of crickets…

    And now I’m flipping burgers at McD

  24. Progressive Dem says:

    The silence is deafening. No denials from the Watson camp. No distancing from Benfield, Drenner or Henson. Everyone repsonsible is OK.

  25. Progressive Dem. says:

    Guys, I have changed my position on Burrell and I voted FOR STAN WATSON TODAY!

    I listen to Burrell this morning on the Frank Ski Morning show FM V103, he couldn’t defend his position on voting against the restaurant owners. Then one caller asked him why he refused to give police officers a raise he starting fumbling around.

    I am not impressed with Burrell at all then what he said about not supporting sidewalk improvements gave me room to pause.

  26. Progressive Dem says:



  27. Progressive Dem. says:

    The DeKalb County Police caught a Burrell Ellis employee/supporter a Clayton County fireman Mr. Hernton Athalia date of birth is 11-25-1971 his height 6’0 and weight 215 pounds; removing Stan Watson’s DeKalb CEO signs at Snapfinger Road in Lithonia GA.

    Hernton Athalia was driving a Grey Chevrolet Trailblazer, and was wearing his CLAYTON COUNTY UNIFORM! What the hell! Why is a Clayton County fireman working for a DeKalb County Commissioner whose running for CEO, I guess Burrell can’t find any DeKalb County firemen to support him sense he voted to cut their PAY!

    The police took Hernton Athalia to jail this morning, he was charged with resisting arrest and defacing a DeKalb County Police car.

  28. Progressive Dem. says:

    What I am the real Dem, who are you?!


  29. Progressive Dem. says:

    What I am the real Dem, who are you?!


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