Karl Rove or Rush Limbaugh? Both?

So who IS calling the media shots around the McCain campaign? Looks like it’s the pure talk-radio strategy for the moment. I hope the McCain campaign remembers who was at the media helm when they put out the “Katrina Flyover” picture. And who’s currently on the contempt of Congress hot seat? Come to think about it, have we ever seen Rove and Limbaugh in the same place together? Hmmmm.


  1. Game Fan says:

    Yikes they do sorta look the same, and these “analysts” who think the neocons’ biggest mistakes were in “media relations” don’t really seem intent on digging very deep. And as a long-time graduate of the “Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies” I can attest that life is so much easier when one quits toeing the line for some of these crooks and liars. Of course some think that “sticking together” would be the best conservative strategy, however others think disagreement and “expanding territory” in the “free market of ideas” is much better for conservatism long term. Do conservatives really want to put all their eggs in one basket? (The neocon Titanic)

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