Senate Leadership Posts and Johnson’s plan for ’10

Mitch Seabaugh has apparently changed his mind. Here is the text of an e-mail sent to the caucus:

The Senate Republican Caucus works great as a team. We have been able to accomplish a lot for the good people of Georgia mainly because we have been able to focus on the needs of the people of this state instead of politics or personal agendas.

Senator Eric Johnson taught us “the strength of the warrior was in the tribe.” We have worked as a team keeping that in mind. Every member has contributed by serving where their skills best contribute to the success of our team. That has allowed us to come together and work through issues professionally and with respect, ultimately building a consensus that in the end best serves the citizens of Georgia.

This past week we have been able to again demonstrated how we can work together and build consensus to achieve resolution rather than conflict.

We have had open and honest assessments of what needs to be done and how we best construct a team that can lead in our efforts to meet the challenges that face us next year. I am proud to serve with such a distinguished group of individuals that can so professionally put people in the roles where they can best contribute.

In discussing the roles in which we can best serve our caucus and ultimately the people of Georgia, my passion and my experience is best suited by again serving as our caucus whip, provided of course that the caucus would allow me the opportunity to again serve.

While many would think it is unfortunate that our discussions of who would serve in what role became so public these past few days, I believe it has been valuable. It showed how we can work through issues as a team and come out united and committed to doing what is most important – the people’s business.

Here is the interesting part. Johnson isn’t running for President Pro-Tem. He announced yesterday via e-mail that he’ll run for Lt. Governor in 2010. He also gave his endorsement to Majority Leader Tommie Williams for Pro-Tem and Chip Rogers for Majority Leader.

Johnson’s e-mail can be read below the cut.

After two months of personal reflection, family discussions, and consulting with friends and activists across this great state, I have made an important decision. If Casey runs for Governor, I will run for Lieutenant Governor. I am proud of the work we have done as a team and confident in my ability to continue bringing people together to move our state forward.

It has been my honor to serve as the Minority Leader for four years and the President Pro Tempore for six wonderful years. During this time, we elected a Republican Governor, gained and expanded our majority in the Senate, won a critical redistricting case, and helped our allies in the House achieve a majority as well.

Together, we earned our transition from minority to majority party. We promised the citizens that, given the privilege of leading this great state, we would govern based on core conservative principles. That is exactly what we have done. Limited government, local control, and personal accountability have been the foundation for our efforts as a caucus.

As with the role of Minority Leader and President Pro Tem, I intend to pour every ounce of energy, experience, and enthusiasm that I have into my candidacy. As a result, it is in the best interest of the caucus to turn the reins of leadership over to someone else. I will serve out the remainder of my term as the President Pro Tem and then focus my final two years in the Senate on my district, my campaign, and presenting solutions to the challenges that threaten our state’s future prosperity.

Steady leadership has served our caucus well in the past, and I believe that steady leadership is imperative for us to continue effectively addressing whatever problems may await us on the horizon. That is why I am also using this opportunity to express my support for Tommie Williams as our next President Pro Tempore and Chip Rogers as our next Majority Leader. Without a doubt, our caucus has many individuals capable of assuming more responsibility; however this is the team that I believe will best lead us in the future.

You are a great caucus, and it has been the honor of my life to have your support as President Pro Tem for these last six years. I look forward to seeking your valued advice and counsel as I begin a new path in my public service.


  1. Had Enough says:

    Seems pretty clear that Eric got shown the door by the senate republicans. good riddance. I’ve always found him to be an arrogant jerk.

  2. Zac Billings says:

    Well… I do not find myself speechless often, but I am right now. I just don’t know where to begin.

    It looks to me that the Senate Caucus is finally showing Eric Johnson the door. And it is about time! Thank you to the Senate Caucus for pushing Eric out of the Pro Tem position but ALSO pushing him out of the Senate completely!

    Eric is sadly mistaken if he thinks he makes a credible candidate in a statewide election. He may fly in his district, but once he leaves Savannah, it’s just not going to happen. But don’t get me wrong, I am glad he is doing it because

    A. We will finally rid ourselves of Eric Johnson in the Senate and state government

    B. I will finally have the opportunity to vote against him. I will be counting down the days.

    Goodbye Eric. Thanks to all your Senators who finally did it!

  3. Zac Billings says:

    Oh and by the way… Had Enough- he is indeed one of the most arrogant jerks you will ever meet in your life.

    If you ever need an example of a politician you wouldn’t want to sit down and have the proverbial “beer” with, Eric Johnson is it.

  4. Jason Pye says:

    Wow, that’s not true, at least not from what I know of the man.

    Sen. Johnson has always been very approachable and curtious to me, even in the midst of a very open disagreement like Genarlow Wilson.

  5. tnugent says:

    I have to agree with Jason. Has the race for Lt. Gov and the blog fight already started on the Pundit?

  6. MSBassSinger says:

    As a conservative, I would enjoy seeing Eric Johnson and Jerry Keen exit stage left. These men give conservatism a bad name.

    “We have been able to accomplish a lot for the good people of Georgia mainly because we have been able to focus on the needs of the people of this state instead of politics or personal agendas.”

    Since I readily admit I don’t know all, is there anyone who can tell me, in specificity, what the Republican-led legislature has done in the last 4 years that stands out? What did they accomplish of note that wasn’t pure politics and/or personal agendas? Maybe I missed something. From what I have seen, the Georgia Republican leadership in the legislature are largely RINO\Rockefeller Republican’ts with little or no understanding of conservatism.

    Though this may ruffle some feathers, I wonder just how many in the Georgia Republican leadership are born-and-bred Georgians whose families go back several generations in Georgia? And how many of them would the late Lewis Grizzard have said, “Delta’s ready when you are. We can have you back in Cleveland by evenin’…”?

  7. Mountain Republican says:

    Kudos to the Senate leadership for understanding the bigger picture and knowing this impacts more than just their egos. Just imagine if House leadership were this mature. Instead, the House followers (aka House leadership) have forgot what principles they ran on and defend actions and lack of tax reform by pointing fingers and continuing not to question things they would have used as campaign issues themselves when we were in the minority.

    Instead, the only two people (Barry Fleming and Jeff Lewis) where the Speaker was made an issue in the campaign LOST. One day, they are going to wake up and discover the Emperor has no clothes (no punned intended to some of the rumors), but by that time, House Republicans they will wake up in Coverdell Office Building.

    Johnson has been a rock in Republican principles and leadership. In the House, Lynn Westmoreland led the Republicans to the promised land. If we had Westmoreland’s leadership, this problem wouldn’t be here right now.

  8. Zac Billings says:

    Well since you said so Jason, maybe I should rethink my opinion of Eric Johnson.

    Wait, just kidding. The Senate Leadership was smart enough to kick the jerk out of the pro tem position so as to further destroy his chances of ever becoming Lt. Governor.

    Eric Johnson should really do something to help the people of Georgia- go to the house.

  9. Jason Pye says:

    As a conservative, I would enjoy seeing Eric Johnson and Jerry Keen exit stage left. These men give conservatism a bad name.

    You are a poor judge of conservatism.

  10. Zac Billings says:

    “Wow, that’s not true, at least not from what I know of the man.

    Sen. Johnson has always been very approachable and curtious to me…”

    Jason, I believe you are a poor judge of people.

    Neither approachable nor curtious are descriptions that accurately describe Eric Johnson.

    Pretentious would be a good one.

  11. MSBassSinger says:

    Jason Pye, let us assume you are right. While I know that I was a consistent conservative before conservative was cool, you have no way of knowing that.

    So, I ask again: What has the Republican-led legislature has done in the last 4 years that stands out? What did they accomplish of note that wasn’t pure politics and/or personal agendas?

  12. Had Enough says:

    Fair enough Jason. I’m sure most politicians are congenial to folks outside the process.

    but it’s pretty clear that those who have had to deal with him the most – his fellow senators – basically kicked him out of leadership.

    He’s been an unbearable jerk to most at the Capitol. Looks like those who have had to endure him all these years finally told him to leave.

  13. Had Enough says:

    has anyone else heard of the Cobb GOP passing some kind of resolution slamming eric for his contributions to liberal democrats? bill simon sent something out on this yesterday.

  14. Jason Pye says:

    You supported Huckabee, who is a social conservative, but nothing short of a progressive on fiscal issues.

    Therefore, I’d have to question anything that you label “conservative.”

  15. Jason Pye says:

    has anyone else heard of the Cobb GOP passing some kind of resolution slamming eric for his contributions to liberal democrats?

    I asked around about that. My understanding is that those donations were to legislators that support school vouchers.

  16. birdfan says:

    The email is obviously a political move to try to sway other legislator’s opinions. Yes, Senator Johnson has been in a leadership position for some time. However, do we Republicans want somebody in that position just based upon how long they’ve been a government official. We need someone who has the ability and persona that can lead and represent the future of the GA GOP. I think this is an attempt to influence and deter other possible challengers to Johnson in the GOP Primary.
    I for one think that Senator Chip Rogers has demonstrated an amazing ability to lead and get things done during his time in the State Legislature. If he announces a desire to run for Lt. GOV. I see him a the bright future for the GA GOP and someone who can continue to advance the conservative values of the party and the state.

  17. MSBassSinger says:

    Jason wrote:
    “You supported Huckabee, who is a social conservative, but nothing short of a progressive on fiscal issues.

    Therefore, I’d have to question anything that you label “conservative.”

    Of course I supported Huckabee. I also supported Hunter, Tancredo, and Fred Thompson. I currently have “no dog in the hunt”. You support Barr, who is a libertarian, who like Ron Paul, doesn’t get the reason we are at war. Barr appeared to be more at home with the ACLU than with conservatism. But I still prefer to take what you say on its own merits.

    Here is some of what I label conservatism:
    1. Government power limited by what the Constitution allows.
    2. Government spending as small as possible to fulfill its Constitutional duties, and run efficiently.
    3. Government taxation that is only enough to meet #2, and is collected in the least costly manner possible that also has the least negative effect on the economy (national, local, and personal).
    4. Personal freedom limited only when the exercise of such freedom ill effects others.
    5. Personal responsibility for one’s choices.
    6. When Americans or American property (here or anywhere in the world) are threatened from overseas, we give the enemy 2 choices: surrender or die, and move swiftly and overwhelmingly on the those who will not surrender. No nation-building.
    7. When we win in battle, we take only enough land to bury the dead we do not bring home.
    8. We have one centuries-old American culture based on Judeo-Christianity, and one language – English. Our nation and our laws were built upon the Protestant Judeo-Christian culture. While respecting the rights of others to worship as they desire, or not to worship at all, we do not shrink from recognizing that the American culture is the greatest this world has ever known, nor do we descend into a multiculturalist myth that all cultures are equal.
    9. Becoming an American because your parents were here illegally should not make you an American citizen. That is an aberrant reading of the Constitution.
    10. Start putting those who hire illegals in jail, or at the least fine them heavily so that it is no longer profitable, and almost all illegals will self-deport when the jobs dry up. And yes, Americans will do the work.
    11. Appoint judges to Federal Courts (incl. the Supreme Court) who are strict constructionists.
    12. Get rid of the Dept of Education (and all Federal involvement in education). Part of #2.
    13. Anthropogenic global climate change is a myth with no firm science behind it. In reality, it is a mechanism the far left is using to increase government power.

    Jason, you are free to have any opionion you want about Huckabee. You are not free to make up your own facts. Huckabee was not, and is not, “progressive” on fiscal issues. That was a lie perpetuated by the Club of Growth president because he has petty personal issues with Huckabee, and he and other Romney supporters bankrolled the smear campaign. Huckabee is conservative on fiscal, social, and defense issues. No matter how many times you spin things, the facts do not support your allegations. Huckabee ran and lost. Let it go. I am far more concerned that we have a Republican candidate who would likely govern much like Obama. Good reason for me to vote for Barr, so 4 years of Obama can lead to a real conservative (whomever it would be), like 4 years of Carter led to Reagan.

  18. Brian from Ellijay says:

    There was a resolution passed by the Cobb GOP overwhelmingly, to repudiate Senator Johnson’s action of giving money to democrats with republican opposition. Keep in mind it is the ACTIONS and not the Senator that was being attacked. Actual text is below.

    WHEREAS, Senator Eric Johnson, who was selected by the Senate Republican Caucus to serve as President Pro Tempore of the State Senate, has made the maximum $4,600 contribution to liberal Democrat Alisha Thomas Morgan in her re-election campaign for the State House against Republican Chris Cooper, a candidate who qualified to run for this seat; and

    WHEREAS, this contribution was made from Senator Eric Johnson’s campaign funds on May 19, 2008, after Chris Cooper qualified to run for the State House; and

    WHEREAS, Alisha Thomas Morgan is a liberal Obama Democrat who made a spectacle of herself opposing legislation that would require voter identification; and

    WHEREAS, Alisha Thomas Moran is now using the financial support and implied endorsement of Senator Eric Johnson to undermine Republican confidence in the candidacy of Chris Cooper;

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the County Committee of the Cobb County Republican Party endorses Chris Cooper for the State House of Representatives against Alisha Thomas Morgan; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Cobb County Republican Party repudiate the implied endorsement of Morgan by Senator Eric Johnson and urge all Republican candidates (both in office and running for office) to support the candidacy of our Republican nominee Chris Cooper against this liberal Democrat; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Senator Eric Johnson be rebuked and admonished for lending material financial support to liberal Democrats against the nominees of the Republican Party and reminded that his leadership role is a position of trust conferred upon him by the Senate Republican Caucus; and

    BE IT FURTHER AND FINALLY RESOLVED, That this Resolution be widely publicized so as to demonstrate the united support of the Cobb County Republican Party behind the candidacy of our Republican nominee, Chris Cooper, and to discourage other Republican leaders from aiding the cause of the liberal Democratic opposition.

    The vote was 28-20, with the entire executive board voting ney. This was a grassroots movement that many came out against, including the Senate delegation from Cobb.

  19. Zac Billings says:

    birdfan- that is the smartest thing I have seen all day.

    Eric Johnson was kicked out the door by his colleagues. They are using the the excuse that Eric has to resign his position to ‘run for another office. The truth is- they saw it as their opportunity to finally get rid of him since Cagle failed to do so when he took office.

    And you are right. Chip Rogers would be one of the best things that could happen to the state and the party. Not only are Senator Roger’s conservative credentials top notched and unrivaled by any other elected official, he is an extremely sharp guy that actually gets ‘it.’

    With Chip Rogers we would finally have some leadership we can be proud of.

    2010 is our chance to dump the deadweight and elect some top-notch leaders.

  20. MSBassSinger says:

    I agree with those supporting Chip Rogers. I’ve had dealings with him before, and I can’t think of anyone better.

  21. YourFutureLeader says:

    I don’t understand the disdain for Senator Eric Johnson, though we disagree fundamentally over the use of school vouchers, I have always found him to be approachable and a good man of character. I have watched him work both in committees and on the floor and have to say he has a very influential way with words.

    Also where is the idea coming from that Senate GOP leadership is pushing Johnson out? I have never seen or heard whispers about a divide while spending time under the Gold Dome. How do we not know this is not a move Sen. Johnson himself wanted?

    Lastly why the love for Sen. Rogers? If ever there was a Senator more concerned with his own position rather than that of his state, district, or party it was Sen. Rogers. I have no ill feelings toward the Senator however I dont see him as a good addition to leadership, but rather more in the mold of a Barry Fleming type of leader which we don’t need anymore of.

  22. drjay says:

    i know i mentioned this in another thread but EJ was a little brett favreish about running for reelection even back in 06 and had been very open about 08 being his last run for the state senate even before the announce ment thursday.

    also i have always found him approachable, pleasant, and professional and am genuinely surprised every time i hear a comment to the contrary. he sought my 8 year old son out to be interviewed for

    i can’t imagine a jerk as arrogant as the one some of you imagine the senator to be taking the time for such an endeavor. both savannah and the rest of the state have been fortunate to have him serve and i look forward to supporting him if he runs for ltguv…

  23. Jason Pye says:

    Huckabee was not, and is not, “progressive” on fiscal issues. That was a lie perpetuated by the Club of Growth president because he has petty personal issues with Huckabee, and he and other Romney supporters bankrolled the smear campaign.

    That’s why, Rush Limbaugh, Jonah Goldberg and Sean Hannity pointed out his leftist tendencies on spending and taxes. Hell, even Erick said it over at Red State.

    It wasn’t just the Club for Growth.

    Deal with it, your guy is, as Fred Thompson said, a pro-gun, pro-life liberal.

    The definition of conservatism has change since Goldwater and Reagan. It is no longer free markets and less government. It is now nativism, authoritarianism and corporatism.

    “If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.” – Ronald Reagan

  24. MSBassSinger says:


    Conservatism was well defined before Goldwater, Reagan. Rush, or any other conservative icon. It is, by nature, not wont to change. By the way, it isn’t conservatism that has changed to “nativism, authoritarianism and corporatism”. It is the Republican’t party that has changed back to the RINO\Rockefeller mindset.

    “It wasn’t just the Club for Growth”. You are right. It was the Club for Growth and the Romney camp. All the sources you mentioned for criticizing Huckabee relied completely or mostly on the Club for Growth and the Romney campaign. Besides, Hannity first came out for Guiliani, then when that failed, for Romney. He was for 2 of the most liberal candidates! Hannity is for whatever he thinks will benefit Hannity. After years of listening to him on radio, including when he was local here in Atlanta, his conservatism is suspect when it conflicts with his pocketbook. I just chalk it up to Hannity not being all that sharp. Even Rush backed off on criticizing Huckabee once he realized the Club for Growth hype was false. The Club for Growth had long been a dependenable source of information for cosnervatism, so it took a while for folks to realize they had been had with the Club for Growth’s lies.

    Now that Fred isn’t running against Huckabee, I suspect he has something different to say.

    You are welcome to believe Huckabee is a big government, tax-and-spend liberal, but that doesn’t change the fact your belief is without merit.

    Here’s a good question for you and others on here:
    Who was the first big-government US President who believed in big government spending, more federal power, and that the Constitution could mean different things at different times?

  25. Zac Billings says:

    eric Johnson is being pushed out by county leadership. Many senators have wanted to do so got awhile and this is the perfect reason to get rid of him.

    Johnson is a pompous, my way or the highway, jerk. I’m sorry. I agree with him on policy at times but man he just isn’t who we need running the senate.

    Anyone who compares chip rogers to barry Fleming is someone who deserves to be ignored. But I’m not going to. There is not a finer man than chip. There isn’t a finer leader. He is a greatbfamily man, he’s a strong conservative, he gets it, he’s smart, he’s sharp, he can be a string voice for conservativatism.

    Eric Johnson- out the door
    Chip Rogers- an awesome Lt. governor

  26. YourFutureLeader says:


    You have yet to and Id like to see you produce one tangible piece of proof that shows that Sen. Johnson is being pushed out by leadership? I dont think it exists, I think your entire opinion of the man is based on maybe one bad day. I have met the Senator and know a few of his staff members (both present and former) and none of them agree with your views of him. All agree he is a very smart, kind, caring man. To slander him the way that has been portrayed here is very sad.

    As for my comparison of Chip Rogers to Barry Fleming, there was an AJC Political Insider article written about two sessions ago that said there was a Judas in Glenn’s House. That Judas at the time was unknown but when Rep. Norwood passed he revealed himself as Barry Fleming. A guy who would stop at nothing to advance himself regardless of his party, his constituents, or his state. As was evident in his unsuccessful bid to unseat Rep. Broun. Sen. Rogers is the exact same way, he is under handed , and will stop at nothing to move forward to a higher position. I have no doubt that he is a good family man, and probably he like Barry Fleming is a good conservative but that doesn’t make him qualified to be a good Lt. Governor. What has he done in his past that would make me want to vote for the man? Would it be SB 14 which was vetoed by Governor Perdue? May be SB 123 which requires schools to place Twins in the same classroom at their parents request?? I will give Sen. Rogers credit where credit is due, I was a strong supporter of SB 202 better known as Mattie’s Call Act he deserves credit for that bill and getting it signed. Overall how Senator Rogers is not the sponsor of much legislation, he co-sponsors a lot but does not lead. I dont see a lot that inspires me to be perfectly honest. What do you have to convince me otherwise?

  27. birdfan says:

    Your Future Leader,
    I encourage you to look at the things Senator Rogers has accomplished and the fact that he has been ahead of the “curve” on some major issues.

    First, he studied, authored, and led on the Immigration Enforcement bill at a time when the press focused so much on the radical anti-American organizations who were holding National rallies on the issue. To get that bill passed with all the national media talking about the topic shows a great understanding of the issue and leadership.

    Second, he authored and passed the ‘Dog fighting’ bill in the GA Senate 2 years before the Michael Vick situation. It was only after the Vick publicity that the GA House decided to do something. He took on this issue after one of his constiuents’ children were mauled by a vicious dog.

    Third, He has consistently led on bills defending our 2nd Amendment Rights.

    Fourth, He led the State Constitutional Amendment to limit property taxes through the GA Senate…before it was barely defeated in the House.

    Fifth, I know a School Choice lobbyist who told me that Senator Rogers’ speech on the Senate Floor on the School Choice for Children with Disabilities was one of the best and moving speeches they’ve ever heard on the topic.

    Sixth, He received Legislator of the Year awards from the Business Communities, Grover Nordquist’s organization named him their State Chair, etc..

    So, when you question his motive and say things like he is “underhanded and will stop at nothing to move forward to a higher position”…you are making baseless claims. Show me one quote where he himself has claimed he wanted a higher office. If others are talking about you for higher office, then you know you are making a positive impression.

    You may prefer other individuals over him…and you have every right, too. But no one can deny that Senator Rogers is a very effective leader in the GA Senate and a TRUE conservative.

  28. YourFutureLeader says:


    First you will have to forgive me, I’m having to type this from my blackberry so the response will be shorter than I’m sure we both would prefer. Also let me say that I would like to retract my comment about Sen. Rogers being under handed as I can provide no documentation and have only heard stories. On to your points of merit:

    1.I was not aware Sen. Rogers was the author of that bill. However that being said a simple enforcement of immigration will not solve the issue at hand. We need to completely overhaul our immigration policy to fit our current circumstance. No concentration on enforcement or wall is going to fix our problems. So while Ill give Sen. Rogers credit for passing the bill what tangible results has it produced?

    2.Rep. Reese had tried for years to get a dogfighting bill through the GGA to no avail and while I think Sen. Rogers reaction to one incident are compassionate I’d need to read the bill in order to fairly pass judgement.

    3.Even though I’m a Republican I don’t agree that 2nd Amendment rights are guaranteed to the individual in all circumstances.

    4.Some property taxes are good and needed what specific issue was occuring that he thought needed fixing?

    5. Was that school choice bill his? Giving speeches is the easiest part of their job. Working across the aisle and also in the past session across the hallway has been much more challenging.

    6.That is a very nice award to win.

    While you have provided at least some reasons why you feel Sen. Rogers is a good choice. I still feel quite underwhelmed by the idea. Still a long way to go though.

  29. Zac Billings says:

    You are extremely misinformed futurebum-

    If you compare Senator Rogers record with all of those in the State Senate and House, you will find that he has proposed some of the sweeping legislation in either house. He is a leader. He isn’t the “I will rip your head off, cuss you out and spit down your throat” kind of “leader” Eric Johnson is. Chip picks the issues that needs to be solved, creates a good bill and gets the jobs done by working with others.

  30. debbie0040 says:

    Chip will make a great Majority Leader and Sen David Shafer would make a great Lt. Governor!

  31. SamTeasley says:

    Your Future Leader said:

    “why the love for Sen. Rogers? If ever there was a Senator more concerned with his own position rather than that of his state, district, or party it was Sen. Rogers. I have no ill feelings toward the Senator however I dont see him as a good addition to leadership, but rather more in the mold of a Barry Fleming type of leader which we don’t need anymore of.”

    YFL, you obviously do not know Chip Rogers – the man or the public servant. Clearly, you also don’t live in his district. I have known the man personally and politically for a while now and I can tell you that he is precisely the kind of man that we need more of in politics. He works hard both on policy and on being available to his constituents. I will not go into all of his legislative accomplishments (some of which were listed above), but suffice it to say, he is not down there for the cocktail parties.

    It is easy to be cynical about politicians and paint them all with a broad brush and question their motives. I believe many of them are down there for the right reasons and Chip is one who is. The reason one pursues leadership on a state level or in body or caucus leadership is because you have ideas or principles that you want to move forward. It is my understanding that this is his motivation for seeking leadership and we would be good to commend him for it.

  32. GOP Girl says:

    We clearly are not talking about the same Senator.

    Wow. ZB…..your violent ire at the Eric Johnson leadership raises suspect of your true identity and reminds me of a former PP regular.


  33. Overtaxed Arkansan says:

    In ten years as Governor, Mike Huckabee raised taxes by $500 million and grew government by 50%, all while dealing with a much more conservative legislative body than either Romney or Guilianni. Huckabee gave money to Democrats while discouraging real conservatives by calling us Shiite Republicans. Shoot, he couldn’t even get a majority of elected Arkansas Republicans to support him for President. Huckabee effectively returned Arkansas to a one party state by using Dick Morris’s unprincipled advice to govern as did Huck’s predecessor, Bill Clinton.

    Want more details of how little Huckabee did? Go to the and click on the Murphy Commission. There you will find one of the best set of state government, reform recommendations ever made. Huck sponsored none of them after commissioning the Murphy Commission in his first official proclamation after becomming governor.

    The Club for Growth took it easy on Huckabee from my standpoint of having to live with his tax and spend legacy. Huckabee is many things but a fiscal conservative is not one of them.

  34. GOPeach says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again –

    Our schools are in bad shape because of illegal immigration. The citizens children have to attend school with those who do not speak English!

    I think Eric Johnson & Chip Rogers have a lot in common actually.

    I wish Senator Johnson would send $4,600 to a Republican Cobb State House candidate who will support school choice to even the playing field. That would dilute this issue.

  35. Brian from Ellijay says:

    You are right Peach, perhaps he will send it to Terry Johnson. I head he is a big voucher fan. 🙂

  36. GOPeach says:

    Terry Johnson is no school choice fan. I was told he opposed Alicia Morgan’s efforts to move vouchers forward. It is a crying shame. He actually went to a school that is dead last in the county. It’s funny Brian – I see the 🙂 and I assume you were kidding.

    Did you know that Terry Johnson sent his kids to a private school because he knows public school in South Cobb suck. Why do you think Alicia Morgan supports vouchers. Good for her!!

    Look – you obviously know that I am talking about C-Biscuit! She is the one Eric Johnson needs to back.

  37. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Peach, I was saying that so you would see that it is not justified to ever give money to a D running against an R. Regardless of the chances, it would be like someone giving Rep. Johnson money saying a republican doesn’t have a chance there.

    Just had to bring it closer to home for you.

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