Johnson defends donations based on school choice

The following is an e-mail sent out by Sen. Eric Johnson addressing the donations to Democrats.

Dear Republican Friends:

As a conservative Republican, I worked for 30 years to elect a conservative majority and to govern using the principles of less government, lower taxes, and defending the free market. I have been a precinct Chairman and a County Party Chair. I have licked envelopes and put up yard signs. I have raised and given more than $1,000,000 to Republican candidates and our party’s operations. Few have fought longer or harder than I to get here.

Yesterday, I informed the Senate Republican Caucus that I will run for Lieutenant Governor if Casey runs for Governor. As I did in the role of Minority Leader and President Pro Tem, I intend to pour every ounce of energy, experience, and enthusiasm that I have into my candidacy. As a result, I will focus the next two years on my district, my campaign, and solving the issues that threaten our state’s future prosperity.

Yesterday, I also gave a major speech that outlined my approach to solving one of those critical issues – improving our public education system. I believe that expanding school choice is critical to making Georgia a better place to live, work and raise our children. In addition to speaking out on this important issue at forums across the state, part of my effort to building public and legislative support for school choice has been reaching across party lines to build consensus.

My bi-partisan approach to helping children in failing schools seems to have led some to question why I recently made contributions to a targeted few Democrats. That’s a fair question. However, I believe that, by doing so, we help accomplish one of our long standing conservative goals – allowing parents the freedom to choose how and where their children are educated instead of the government. The Democrats I have supported are helping make school choice a reality. Importantly, they also live in districts that are beyond the reach of a Republican challenger.

I have worked with you for years to build our party. You know that I will never do anything to threaten our majority, but I will always work to accomplish our agenda. Once again, I have raised and contributed over $1 million to Republicans during our transition from minority to majority party. Anyone who would question my efforts to reach across party lines and help children in failing public schools is simply playing politics with an issue that transcends us all. I hope you will join with us.

Yours for a better Georgia,

Sen. Eric Johnson


  1. atlantaman says:

    “The Democrats I have supported are helping make school choice a reality. Importantly, they also live in districts that are beyond the reach of a Republican challenger.”

    This is interesting since Alisha Thomas Morgan had no Primary opposition. So what is Johnson supporting? What is the point of giving money to a Democrat, albeit helpful on one issue – but a hinderance on so many others, if the Democrat has no primary opposition and it has been decided she can’t be beat by a Republican? Is it basically a present to spend as she pleases? Is he helping her build a laundered war chest to transfer Republican money (because I’m certain the money didn’t come from his personal checking account) and dole it out to more competitive Democrat campaigns? Perhaps Alisha will now be able to write a check to Chris Huttman in his efforts to take out Jill Chambers. Or maybe she can help take out Mike Jacobs in two years.

    Maybe she can’t be beat by a Republican, but I’m sure when Johnson was trying to build the local party by serving as a precinct chair and then county chair, he would not have appreciated an arrogant Atlanta republican official giving maximum campaign contributions to Savannah Democrats (in contested general elections) and then hearing that king state, “Well you haven’t got any chance of beating a Democrat.”

    Talk about a severe kick in the groin to every Republican volunteer working to build a party in those districts.

  2. atlantaman says:

    “The Democrats I have supported are helping make school choice a reality. Importantly, they also live in districts that are beyond the reach of a Republican challenger.”

    This is interesting since Alisha Thomas Morgan had no Primary opposition. So what is Johnson supporting? What is the point of giving money to a Democrat, albeit helpful on one issue – but a hindrance on so many others, if the Democrat has no primary opposition and it has been decided she can’t be beat by a Republican? Is it basically a present to spend as she pleases? Is he helping her build a laundered war chest to transfer Republican money (because I’m certain the money didn’t come from his personal checking account) and dole it out to more competitive Democrat campaigns? Perhaps Alisha will now be able to write a check to Chris Huttman in his efforts to take out Jill Chambers. Or maybe she can help take out Mike Jacobs in two years.

    Maybe she can’t be beat by a Republican, but I’m sure when Johnson was trying to build the local party by serving as a precinct chair and then county chair, he would not have appreciated an arrogant Atlanta republican official giving maximum campaign contributions to Savannah Democrats (in contested general elections) and then hearing that king state, “Well you haven’t got any chance of beating a Democrat.”

    Talk about a severe kick in the groin to every Republican volunteer working to build a party in those districts.

  3. Zac Billings says:

    Let’s say good-bye to Eric John. His Senate colleagues sure are.

    He is already defending himself and he hasn’t even started running.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    “You know that I will never do anything to threaten our majority…”

    A candidate that puts party loyalty over principle isn’t worthy of support.

  5. atlantaman says:

    This is the same rep who brought slave chains in during her opposition to the Photo ID bill. I can only guess the analogy was that the bill would be enslaving black people?

    From Creative Loafing:

    “Enter Alisha Thomas Morgan. On March 11, she displayed a set of chains to demonstrate what the bill means to black people. State Rep. Randal Mangham, D-Decatur, dropped shackles on Burmeister’s desk, but later apologized. I don’t know why. I thought it was cool.The next day was “Family Day.” Morgan took to the well of the House and spoke out against the bill again. When her time was up, Speaker Glenn Richardson, R-Hiram, tapped his gavel and said, “The lady’s time has expired.”
    Morgan refused to leave and started singing the protest song, “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around.” She kept singing while Richardson slammed his gavel.”

  6. Tea Party says:

    The Unreality of Political Reality:

    @atlantaman I read Eric’s post and thought to myself, ‘How refreshing’. Here I saw Eric’reaching across the aisle’ on an issue that ought not be partisan. As well, perhaps a naive thought.

    @atlantaman: All good points and yet, those same points cause ‘everyman’ to shake their heads and say, ‘we’re doomed.’ Would the trespass to ‘party politics’ been less of a problem if not Ms. Morgan?

    Most voters do not think in terms of the ‘political reality’ as elected officials must. ‘Political realities’ are often confusing and laden with intrigue, and run contrary to what most consider effective leadership.

    @Dbearse “A candidate that puts party loyalty over principle isn’t worthy of support.” ought to be part of the oath of office.

  7. Had Enough says:

    maybe a few will buy this pathetic attempt at spin, but the voters and the real republicans out there won’t.

    this guy got booted out of senate leadership for a reason. now it’s clear.

  8. atlantaman says:

    I know there are those who will believe that Johnson is being noble and has put policy over politics. Keep in mind that Johnson is on the Republican team – it’s just the nature of politics. It doesn’t mean you can’t work with other folks across the aisle.

    I’d love to know if Dem. Senator David Adleman plans to contribute to Rep. Rep. Jill Chambers for her occasional lonely support of an important Dem. issue.

    Don’t you think Johnson should first contribute to the Republicans that supported him on vouchers, as well as so many other important Republican issues.

    It’s almost as if he is punishing the soldiers that elected to be on his team, and have fought the good fight for him for so many years.

  9. Tea Party says:

    @atlantaman. You are correct, our system is a Team Sport. Let’s see how the team plays, since you brought it up, in the 81st, this fall….

  10. shep1975 says:

    Eric needs a constitutional majority to pass his school choice proposals. Part of the reason George Washington warned against the party system was because sometimes, what’s bad for the party is good for governing and what’s bad for governing may be good for the party.

    I think that was the situation here. The backlash against Eric has been from the party members who will be fustrated the most in their purposes by these actions. The gamble that is made will be whether, should he succeed at winning school choice in Georgia, will the Republican voters in the primary see that as a greater good than giving to Democrats or will the methods that Eric has used to get that victory, which have fustrated the party’s purpose in electing Republicans, hurt him to the point where he can not win the primary.

    If school choice passes, then Eric will have secured a strong and lasting legacy, even if it does cost him his next position.

    It’s easy to be in the party where we fight over what is or is not a Republican value and who is more conservative than who, but governing isn’t easy. It requires tough, and sometimes unpopular decisions.

    I see why Eric made the decision he did and I will not condemn him over it. But I am also not happy with the consequences it will have for the party and the potental conseqences it may cause.

    I was equally as irratated when I read in the Augusta Chronicle a couple of weeks ago that part of the reason they endorsed Sen. Ed Tarver in the Democrat primary (Tarver also faces a Republican in the fall) was because Casey Cagle had already promised him a position in the Appropriations Committee. I did not like our Republican Lt. Governor being sited as a reason to re-elect a Democrat.

    A friend of mine said the same thing to me that I’m now saying about Eric, what might be good government is not necessarily good for the party.

    Of course I still said the Casey should have waited until after November.

  11. John Konop says:

    I have a question is party more important than policy? I think the average person would pick policy. And in business in not about getting what you exactly want but can I leave with the deal.

    As the Rolling Stones song goes “You cannot always get what you want but if you try sometimes you get what you need”

  12. atlantaman says:

    Well I think what will be truly interesting about all this, since Alisha is now building a nice little war chest to be doled out against Republicans all over the state who have undoubtedly been strong supporters of vouchers, is how much of advocate she will become for school vouchers?

    Has she already been a leader on the issue or is Eric hoping for her future support.

    As I said before, there will be folks who make the noble case for “policy over politics”. It reminds me of the platitudes Obama spews out. If I hear, “together we can make a difference”, I’m going to barf.

    Was a “policy” deal just made with an angry dog that’s going to bite his hand off during the next opportunity.

    Let’s carefully watch Alisha on this issue, my guess is she caves completely on school vouchers or waters it down so much it becomes meaningless.

  13. Game Fan says:

    Wouldn’t a little verbal support be a little cheaper than tossing money to Democrats? Or maybe the occasional hearty slap on the back. Or the famous Arab style salute that Doc Severinsen did for Johnnie Carson. There’s lots of cheap alternatives.

  14. John Konop says:


    I do not know nor have I ever met Eric Johnson. In fact I would vote for Chip Rogers over him in the LG race. I was making the point on a macro level not necessarily relative to this incident.

    And on a macro level can you not see how policy decisions can out weigh the party loyalty? If we had more principal over party loyalty the GOP would not be in the shape it is in today.

  15. Tea Party says:

    What I don’t capish about vouchers:

    Why are vouchers condemned by some as a step back in civil rights?

    I do not understand how one makes the jump from Charter Schools to a return to ‘separate but equal’.

    The Nation will see if Charter Schools in New Orleans work. After Katrina, most public schools were left unrepaired, with 30+ new charter schools. New Orleans is the de facto lab for Charters in the US.

    Obviously, the public system must take all comers, so if Charters are enabled does that essentially make our public schools less desirable?

    IMHO, we spend too much and get way to little for our public education buck.

  16. Rick Day says:

    As an independent, I am heartened Sen Johnson has decided to put aside hack politics, and reach out to the other side in hope of building a coalition on his issue.

    As an Independent, I too enjoy the freedom to applaud or condemn either side for their both good, and bad ideas.

    As an Independent, I mock all you pathetic hack whiner posters over this attempt at unity. Why… DARE he give them our money! SQWEEEEL

    Listen to yourselves. Paaaaaaaaaatheic.

  17. Tea Party says:

    @RickDay Unfortunately, Mr. Day, even I recognize Independents are ineffectual in our two-party system. ‘Like teats on a bull’, as it is said.

    I don’t like the status quo, the last dozen or so years of GOP leadership has not taken the Country in the right direction. The one thing I do know about ‘the game’ is it is a team sport.

    Being smug and ineffectual is worse than being a part of a sometimes imperfect, but working, system.

  18. CHelf says:

    In the history of bipartisan cooperation and building across party lines has there ever been an example of one of one party giving donations to one of another party?

    If it is true Morgan and her husband were already supportive of the issue, why does Johnson need to bribe with political cash?

    And has anyone looked at Morgan’s own donations to others to see if Johnson’s money found its hands in other more contested areas? I know there is no way to ID that. But seeing that Morgan would not need the money, common sense and strategy tells me that money found its way elsewhere.

    Perhaps others can help me on history. But has there ever been an example or examples of someone tossing out donations (or bribes) to those of other parties to get someone to support one issue? Last I checked the conventional wisdom has always been to help the others pass their legislation for support on the person initiating the “bipartisan cooperation”.

  19. Paul Shuford says:

    I live in District 39, so I’m particularly interested in this issue.

    I can understand, and applaud, Sen. Johnson’s decision to donate to Democrats that support school choice that have upcoming primary races against Democrats that don’t support school choice.

    I don’t understand the decision to donate to Alisha Thomas Morgan, who ran unopposed in her primary. Yes, she may support school choice, but otherwise, she’s an embarrassment. The only thing this donation does is give her a bigger war chest against her Republican opponent in November. As a person in District 39 who will be voting for her Republican opponent in that race, I’d just like to know why.

  20. atlantaman says:

    I think those who are applauding Johnson’s bipartisan contribution are forgetting that she had no primary opposition. So where do democrats with no primary opposition in solidly democrat districts spend their money?

    They spend it on other races, in swing districts, to elect democrat candidates that probably oppose the very issue to which she received the reward in the first place.

    I think Johnson will find that some of his money makes it into the hands of candidates who are fiercely opposed to vouchers. It’s the irony, and reality, of policy over politics.

  21. atlantaman says:

    Johnson could easily, indirectly, end up being Chris Huttman’s largest campaign contributor in his attempt to take out Republican Rep. Jill Chambers. I don’t know for sure, but I’m willing to bet Chambers, and her libertarian leanings, is in support of vouchers.

  22. Zac Billings says:

    atlantaman, isn’t it normal for an elected Republican to give money to liberal democrats with the purpose of buying their support for an issue?

    Doesn’t it make sense to donate to a liberal democrat against incumbent republican house member who supports vouchers?

    Isn’t saying to hell with republicans in district A B C because they can’t win. Because as you know that is the attitude that got us a republican majority.

    I am being sarcastic here because Eric Johnson’s excuse for giving thousands of dollars to liberal democrats against fellow republicans, are BS, political spin and apparently he thinks we are stupid.

    Well, Senator Johnson, I have a message straight to you. I am not stupid. Please, in the future, spare me your condescending BS. The voters and republicans who have worked so hard to be where we are today deserve much better. Go home.

  23. Zac Billings says:

    Thanks Had Enough. And by the way, what is you have had enough of? Eric Johnson and his ilk?


  24. atlantaman says:

    Good point Zac.

    Keep in mind grass roots are a very important element to winning elections and State Rep. campaigns are the quintessential grass roots race.

    So even if Alisha Morgan Thomas spends Johnson’s money exclusively on her own general campaign it will be spent to drive (both figuratively and literally) a core base of Democrats to the polls. I expect most of the people pulling the lever for Alisha, through her GOTV efforts, will voting Democrat all the way through the ticket.

    Perhaps Barack Obama and Vernon Jones will be sending Eric Johnson a thank-you note for his help in the local GOTV effort.

  25. Zac Billings says:

    Very good point Atlantaman.

    I think the better questions is- will Eric Johnson also give thousands of dollars to Vernon Jones and Barack Obama in an attempt to secure their support for school vouchers?

    According to his rationalization of his past contributions to liberal democrats it may make sense.

    You see this is what happens when certain people who have always been a little arrogant (arrogance of course is just a tool to cover up a person’s own insecurity) gain too much power– they become consumed and begin to think we are stupid.

    Eric will get the boot for Georgia voters just as he is from the Senate Caucus. I cannot wait to be a part of it.

    Does anyone want to contribute to the “Let’s say good-bye to Eric Johnson” movement?

  26. John Konop says:

    Can any of you on the anti Eric Johnson crowd tell us why based on policy you are against him? And are you against similar Republicans with similar voting records?

  27. atlantaman says:


    She is an extremely liberal Democrat who would love to have her hand in your wallet. Does anyone know the “School Voucher” bill numbers? I’d like to see if she really is in support of vouchers.

    Even is she is supportive of vouchers; look at her as a whole and you’ll see she’s out there on the far left. Am I against Republicans with similar voting records – yes. But there is not a single republican with an overall voting record as liberal as Thomas’.

    If you’re so supportive of her then why don’t you send her a big ol’ fat check. You’ll get an increase in taxes and probably a no vote on vouchers.

  28. GOPeach says:

    Sen. Eric Johnson is very smart.
    We must ALWAYS put PEOPLE before PARTY!

    I happen to know a very smart conservative candidate who is working with Sen. Johnson in Cobb. Her district really needs school choice.

  29. Game Fan says:

    Of course most voters/constituents will “reach across party lines” occasionally depending on the issue, and contribute to this or that issue-based org., which will usually try to find members of any party who agree on the issue, but it still “don’t seem right” when a Republican politician gives money to a Democrat.

  30. John Konop says:


    What I find interesting is you are outrage about Eric Johnson giving a donation for a bill you support yet are not nearly as outraged by poor policy.

    Why not be outrage about Kathy Cox failed heavy handed State mandated math 123 program that was a complete failure?

    Why not be outraged about the outrageous spending bills like No Child Left Behind, Farm bill, Energy Bill, Highway bill…..that put us close to 10 trillion in the red and drove the dollar into the ground?

    Why not be outraged by the Bush administration which lost billions of tax payers dollars in Iraq via mismanagement?

    Why not be outraged about the lack of realistic fiscal planning that created billions in shortfall in our current budget?

    The problem is too many on both sides are focused on food fighting juvenile issues. You seemed focused on style over substance. For you to call for the end of Eric Johnson political career over this issue and not nearly show the outage for the above is a perversion of priorities.

  31. Zac Billings says:

    well here is the bottom line- if eric was so lived, so smart, so great, the only conservaative in the world, the best and if he were actually worth as much as several of you claim- his colleagues in the GOP senate caucus wouldn’t be throwing him out like yesterdays trash. I’m sorry but that is the truth.

    Eric johnson lasted as pro tem while he did because the caucus wanted to solidify it’s majority and get a republican lg. They’ve done it- now they are taking out the trash. Cleaning up a bit.

    Policy is most important thing and it’s not that I disagree with eric on policy. But if your colleagues don’t really like you because your arrogant jerk, you can’t make policy changes- you can’t be an effective leader. It takes more than good ideas and I think some of those who have recently posted should know this.

    Good bye eric!

  32. GOP Girl says:

    Zac, I don’t know what book you’re reading, but it certainly isn’t one from Georgia GOP politics. It would really help if you could back up your fiction with facts, rather than personal disdain.

    Eric Johnson has been supportive of school choice and vouchers for the better part of his career in Georgia government. He was “cool on choice” long before it was popular or even considered by mainstream educational systems. Any crossing of the aisle Senator Johnson attempted on behalf of this issue is an addition for Georgia education, not subtraction.

    To use the important concern of education as a chance to take cheap shots at a legislator because of his or her personal dislike of the legislator is shameful. Mr. Billings, in the future, please speak for yourself . Your opinion, sir, is just that, nothing more.

  33. Game Fan says:

    As a side note many folks on the conservative side of the isle would like to eliminate the department of Ed. (pssst. That one has been around since Reagan) and are disgusted by NCLB and most other new government programs and agencies. And wonder how vigorously the “line of separation” is being defended between the government and private schools and home schooling.

  34. atlantaman says:

    I never called for the end of Eric Johnson’s political career. I just thought it was an incredibly stupid thing to do. Eric is supposed to be a leader within the GOP ranks down at the Capital and Alisha Morgan Thomas is a major liberal. I have to believe there are plenty of folks that have been loyal to Eric on many conservative issues wondering why they were excluded from the check writing process.

  35. GOP Girl says:

    And I would challenge them to get involved with government and lobby for the funding they were seeking. I can think of a handful of issues that I have talked to Senator Johnson about and did not always walk away feeling I was successful on my first attempt. However, patience and persistence usually pays off. Regardless of whether he agreed with me or not on my particular agenda at the time, I do not question his judgment in crossing the aisle on other issues at times when he feels it is beneficial to GOP values in the short run, long run, or marathon.

  36. Zac Billings says:

    GOP Girl- first, I am not reading a book. The Senate Caucus is pushing Eric aside. Sorry- I know. I cannot tell you how I know or which member of the Senate told because if they wanted you to know details, they would tell me. You don’t have to believe me and live in denial- it is not of my concern.

    Secondly, I never questioned Eric’s stance on school choice. I am with him in his views on that issue. If you would have read my previous post instead of crying about someone criticizing your idol, you would know that I stated I agrees with Eric on many issues/policies. Read.

    Lastly, at no point have I stated I speak for anyone other than myself.

    I, as a life long conservative republican, I do not like to be slapped in the face by those like Eric Johnson.

    I encourage the man to run LG, so I will be able to vote against him.

  37. GOP Girl says:

    ZB. sure “they” did, sure “they” did.

    You have been challenged by more than one regular on this board to provide some substance to what you claim.. As of yet, you have shown us nothing.

    I will cancel out your vote. Have at it.

  38. John Konop says:

    Zac Billings


    “I, as a life long conservative republican, I do not like to be slapped in the face by those like Eric Johnson”


    Eric Johnson donation was a bigger slap in your face than a 10 trillion dollar national debt, math 123, wasting tax payer’s money on bio-fuels……

    You are focused on mindless style debates and not any real substance!

  39. Zac Billings says:

    oh yes, GOP girl, it’s as if I care if you believe the truth or not. I don’t. You can live in denial- you are clearly someone close to Eric or you could be him. Either way- I trust the word of the caucus members who told and I will keep my word by not sharing the details with you.

    Always keep in mind, I don’t care what you or anyone else challenges me on. Use your real name and then maybe I will acknowledge your existence.

    You won’t cancel my effort. I will be the one raising money to send annonymous attack mail against eric Johnson as I now have the right to do.

  40. John Konop says:

    Zac Billings

    And I am sure your attacks ads will have nothing to do with issues! Look in the mirror and you will see why we are close to 10 trillion in the red and growing. Look in the mirror and you will see why Georgia public education system is a late night joke on TV.

  41. Zac Billings says:

    Well, John Konop, you speak as if you are some authority. We do have serious issues and I agree on the above issues you mentioned though it caused by bad leadership and I will not stand by and allow bad leaders get elected.

    Oh, didn’t you try to run for something? Oh yeah, you did…but you were embarassed miserably with what? 20%? or did it get that high?

    You sir are the joke.

    How dare I attack Eric Johnson, right?

  42. Icarus says:

    I like Tom Price. I wasn’t real thrilled with John when he decided to run against him. That said, I believe he did it for the right reasons.

    Putting your name on the line to challenge an exisiting power structure is never easy, and rarely is successful. Spending your time and money to do so, and taking the requisite public ridicule that is viturally guaranteed is admirable. That does not make him a joke.

  43. John Konop says:


    At the end of the day you call me whatever you want. I am just father a husband and an businessman. At the end many of you laughed when I warned about the out of control spending when I ran for office.

    The real bad joke is how much is your dollar worth now? As far as Tom Price and I we are on friendly terms. I even agreed to endorse him in Cherokee County at the next event he was speaking at out here.

    I have complemented Tom in public on agreeing not to take EARMARKS anymore, his no vote on the FARM bill and now not supporting No Child Left Behind.

    The issue between Tom and I was not personal it was policy. As long as Tom supports more issue than not that are important to me I could careless about the he said she said issues you are focused on.

    BTW thanks Icarus!

  44. Three Jack says:

    “The issue between Tom and I was not personal it was policy”. Cough, cough, BS!

    Giving $$$ to liberals – sure you gave enough? It is established that their votes are for sale based on EJ’s donations; is he sure he outbid the opposition?

  45. GOPeach says:

    Okay – I am sitting here thinking… an issue that someone as conservative as Eric Johnson and as liberal as Alicia Morgan are agreeing on must me something to look at as beeing GOOD FOR EVERYONE!!!!

    FORGET about ” The Party” politics!!! What about our CHILDREN’s EDUCATION??? Hello!!!

    I am frankly sick to my stomach that the Cobb County GOP members made this such a big stink. The issues was brought up by an idiot who has NO WIFE and NO KIDS!!! TYPICAL!!

    The fact that Eric Johnson maxed out to a democrat tells me the GOP needs to WAKE UP!

  46. GOPeach says:

    Everyone knows ERIC JOHNSON has a WIFE & KIDS – Why do you think he is fighting for VOUCHERS? I doubt gay Jews like that issue.

    Did anyone check Chris Cooper’s Financial Disclosures? He has NONE! No MONEY fr
    the COBB GOP and NO MONEY from BS who raised awareness of Sen. Johnson’s support for a candidate who will actually help some Cobb Republican’s in South Cobb get elected. Ever heard of strategy?

    Memo – STAY the hell out of South Cobb.
    We work alone. The Savannah Senator gets it. Too bad the Cobb GOP Senators do not. Maybe it is because they do not live in an area where kids need help. PEOPLE before PARTY.

  47. shep1975 says:

    Cobb GOP doesn’t give out any funds until after the primaries are over. It was the issue we took up at the County Committee meeting after Bill’s resolution.

    By the way, as one of the administrators, go check out the facebook group for School Choice Georgia. The issue is bigger than anyone or any several candidates from both parties.

  48. shep1975 says:

    By the way, you can disagree with Bill or his style or both, but insinuating he is gay, which seems to be the attack du jour against Bill as I have heard it from several people besides seeing it her, is childish.

  49. GOPeach says:

    Not true Shep!

    When ASH was Chairman, he raised money to give to all candidates with NO PRIMARY OPPOSITION BEFORE Primaries AND AFTER Primaries. He helped them build a WAR CHEST! He was smart.

  50. GOPeach says:

    All the Republican challengers of incumbent dems in South Cobb have been sent like sheep into a pack of wolves. Have you seen how underfunded they are? It is embarrassing. Unless the COBB GOP wakes up … it will be a massacre in November. But we knew that already didn’t we.

    Why aren’t the COBB SENATORS maxing out – helping the State House Reps? I have not seen one Cobb Senator give to Cobb State House Rep. Candidates. No wonder we keep loosing seats.

    What is so sad and sickening is people like Bill spend time ripping apart the Board, and a great Senator in Savannah and NOT GIVING A PENNY to the poor candidate needing SUPPORT! This is SO TYPICAL and COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. What got accomplished? Cursing the darkness ( sorry Alicia.. no offense) … Instead of lighting a candle.

    Look – if you are going to raise hell about some REPUBLICAN LOYALTY … then PONY UP! Where’s Cooper’s check?

  51. John Konop says:

    Go Peach

    As you know I have been one of your biggest defenders on the PP. Even when I disagree with you I find you provocative and entertaining. I also wish I had your writing skills. With that said this comment was out of line in my opinion.

    “I doubt gay Jews like that issue”.

  52. John Konop says:

    As far as the Cobb GOP Scott Johnson and company have done a great job! In a down year for the GOP it is amazing the enthusiasm and attendance at the meetings.

  53. bowersville says:

    “Memo-STAY the hell out of south Cobb.”

    Here’s a memo for you Peachy,

    STAY the hell out of Senate 50!

  54. Bill Simon says:

    For the record: I don’t “rip-apart boards” that are run by people of integrity and competence.

    Cobb GOP used to be run by idiots and pathological liars. Now it is run by honest people.

    The Gwinnett GOP, on the other hand, is back to being run by idiots and at least 3 pathological liars. More on that to come.

    FINALLY, for the record, it sems that the only thing pathologically lying idiots like Peach can muster in an attack on ME (a guy who tells the truth more often than Peach) is to accuse me of being “gay.”

    Her idiotic comments probably speak for themselves…but, I did want to make that clear.

  55. GOPeach says:

    Shep – Nice try….

    You may be good at Roberts Rule but you suck at raising money ( as does the current Cobb GOP) . Mocking people who say they will donate is shooting yourself in the foot. 🙂

    Just curious … Why do you ALWAYS defend Bill? hummm

  56. Icarus says:


    As someone who defended you and called for your return here, I will also tell you that your current line of attack is uncalled for. Knock it off.

  57. GOPeach says:

    John –

    I wish I could write like you!

    I know that sounded really blunt that gay Jews would not care about School Choice. Maybe I just should have said gays. I do apologize for saying Jews. Forgive me – please.



  58. shep1975 says:

    Actually Peach, both in inkind and direct contributions, I raised roughly $35,000 in my 2 years as Chairman. Most of that was spent on the National Convention bid, but we still had enough to give the State GOP $1000, pay for our Top Gun training school, and I left the incoming Chairman about $5,000 to build on. Keep in mind when I came into office we were about $2,400 in the red.

    Nice try to you. We know you are so full of crap on donating. You never intended to do so proving that you are exactly what you accuse others of being. You’re so concerned about the future of Cobb County, why not write a check for $1,000 to the Cobb YRs. I’m not an officer. I will never see it come in and it will be something used to build on the future of the Cobb GOP.

    You can talk about the Cobb GOP or Bill Simon all you want, but I don’t see your name in Cindye Coates’ disclosures. If my wife were not doing her student teaching which means she cannot work for the next 3 months, you could bet I would be giving to the Republican nominee for my state house district, Cindye Coates.

    Peach, I wish I could stay up to all hours of the night gay-bating and belittling people like you do, but my wife likes me to come to bed at night. I guess your husband perfers you to stay on the computer until 3AM.

    By the way, if you bother to look at the thread titled, “the Saga Continues,” I’m busy ripping Bill Simon a new one for inability to correctly read a US Supreme Court ruling. The difference between me and you is I don’t have to be disagreeable to disagree.

  59. shep1975 says:

    John, you have always been a great supporter of the YRs, especially when I was working to build up Buckhead. I know our new Chairman, Cameron Fash is working hard on several projects to get out the vote across the state.

    You, or anyone who feels lead to, can send contributions to:

    Ron Sadowski
    Treasurer, Georgia Young Republicans
    520 Albany St.
    Brunswick, GA 31520-8450

  60. Bill Simon says:

    Shep Sez: “I’m busy ripping Bill Simon a new one for inability to correctly read a US Supreme Court ruling”

    So sayeth the 2nd year law student.

    Interpretations of USSC rulings are far and wide, Shep. If you think a USSC decision is only ever concerning the one item under review, then I think you’re missing too many classes in law school.

    Constitutional law is MADE with every new decision from the USSC. Constitutional lawyers cite bits and pieces of every decision that they can use in the cases they argue, regardless of whether the matter is precisely the same as the matter that was examined for the original decision to be made.

    Let me know how much you learn in your con-law class next semester…and how much you’re going to have to retract. 🙂

  61. shep1975 says:

    3L Bill, 3L.

    By the way, did you course at Tech in “How to Use a Slide Rule” prepare you for legal analysis? 🙂

    Remember, the SCOTUS (no one uses USSC) said laws requiring disclosure of funds is Constitutional based on Buckley. You can’t get around the fact the Court said that the state can make you disclose who you are if you spend a threshhold amount of money. You said to Buzz that McIntyre showed the GA law is unconstitutional when in fact McIntyre showed the Georgia Ethics in Government Act is, in fact, Constitutional!

    I don’t need to be a law student to read that…I just need to know how to read AND actually bother reading the whole decision. 😛

  62. GOPeach says:

    On an for the record – the Judge likes Afternoon Delight … We don’t do it in the dark. We like to see how good looking we both are. Don’t you just love steamy political blogs? wooo baby!

    I am nearly 50 and my husband is nearly 70 and it is better than ever – this is our song –

  63. shep1975 says:

    Come on John. Peachy lives most of her life in a world that only exists in her own imagination. Why should her romantic life be any different?

    I hate to say it but Rome is probably hitting a lot closer to the mark.

  64. shep1975 says:

    No, Bill, you are someone….someone who incorrectly refers to the Supreme Court as USSC. 😀

    If you google USSC, you can pull up the SCOTUS, but you also get:

    U.S. Satellite Corporation
    United States Sign Council
    United States Stove Company

  65. GOPeach says:

    Shep & Romeguy –

    How many kids do YOU have? I have FIVE!

    Clearly, I am not stranger to a GREAT SEX life and by the way …. my husband has NEVER committed adultery – He is JEWISH! They make THE BEST husbands – raised by GREAT MOMS!

    We used to have afternoon sex because it is better for those who want to get pregnant – Hey think about it … When to teenagers get pregnant?,,, In the afternoons before their parents get home from work!

    Anyway … we got in such a habit of that … now we are older and I am past the childbearing years … we just fool around now for FUN! It is GREAT! We have had plenty of practice. 🙂

  66. GOPeach says:

    Age correction … I am near 60 ( not 50)!
    You young folks need to know that a GOOD MARRIAGE gets better and better … Like fine wine we get better with age.

    Soooo Jason… if you can not afford to support your State House nominee – the infamous C-Biscuit (who will surely win this year)- then at least you can help raise money for her since you are so good at fund raising … right???? Get on the phones as I have and kick some cash her way. Use your contacts. That is what I did.

    So you will get off my back and not call me names…. I have just dropped MY CHECK in the mail to CC … ( She hates me to mention her name on-line). sheeeze

    If ever a candidate has been baptized in fire, it is her. She continues to press on against more opposition than the average person could bare. I am frankly stunned that she still goes forward. It is like destiny. Once she gets in, she will be there for a very long time as she is dearly loved by so many.

    I knew her uncle John Frey ( former Cobb Co. School Board Superintendent – Frey Elementary School was named after him,) . In fact Kennesaw College is on Frey Rd (is named after the family also)…. She is a COBB COUNTY GIRL 100%.
    She has grown up among public servants. He mother worked for HUD for a long time on Lawrence Street.

    Oh well … I am rambling and Judge is giving me “the look” … time for afternoon delight! 🙂

    it is

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