College Football is back at the end of this month.  It’s a good thing we had all these elections and scandals to give us something to talk about since January.  UGA starts the season with an official number 1 ranking from the coaches.   I like it better when we are underdogs.

The Pros are back as well, and we’re gearing up for another season of Peach Pundit Fantasy Football.  We’ve cut the number of teams back to 16, and at least 8 spots are already filled.  Sign up soon, regular posters, or you’ll miss out.   Follow This Link to sign up, (Create a Yahoo ID first if you don’t have one), And use League ID 19689, Password:  Snuggles

Thanks to Driving Buddha for getting this set up, and of course, to last year’s commissioner, Doug Deal.  (He seems to do something decent about once a year.  Now he’s got to go through his annual ritual of figuring out which five teams for which he’s going to claim to be a fan.)

If you’re a rabid fantasy player, this might not be the right group for you.  I found it a great way to learn the ropes of fantasy football last year, along with other similar non-professionals.  Think of it as fantasy football for the special olympics:  Even if you win, you and your competitors are still special.   It’s just a decent outlet for some fun when you need a distraction from the fall campaigns.

We’ll be setting up a college pick’em game again as well, with announcements made when that’s set up.

And if you need to ask what this has to do with Georgia Politics, you’ll just never get it.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.



  1. bigdel1 says:

    national championship game prediction:
    UGA vs. Mizzou
    Both teams return so many key players after a very good last season.

  2. Go ahead and give the trophy to Obama the Savior. My team represents CHANGE and HOPE which as we know is I need to win. Like this November’s election it won’t even be close.

  3. TPNoGa says:

    So many insults to hurl at uga, so little space. Actually, I am thrilled UGA is ranked #1. It will give the Gators a quality victory for the final BCS Poll.

    Off subject (open thread and all). I just bought a house….finally. I will be a resident of DeKalb county. Is the Dekalb Republican party active? If not, what GOP organizations can I join to become active in Georgia politics? Any and all help appreciated.

  4. TPNoGa says:


    I’m not worried about Tim, but I doubt it will be as good as last year. It’s the defense that gives me heartburn.

  5. TPNoGa says:

    shep, shep, shep,

    You got the punchline all worng. It goes like this:

    Q: What do you call a UF grad in a suit and tie?

    A: The boss.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    You guys are so insensitive. UF is going through a real rough time right now. The athletic study hall and library burned to the ground yesterday with the staff narrowly escaping with their lives. This could have been a real tragedy and ya’ll are joking about it.

    The saddest part of all of this is that both books in the library were lost. One wasn’t even colored in yet.

  7. John Konop says:

    I am a University of Cincinnati fan. As an objective person who has grown to appreciate SEC football WATCH OUT for Chris Rainey. I saw him in spring football game and he flies! This will make Florida a very dangerous team if he stays healthy.


  8. TPNoGa says:

    Ah, my dear friend shep,

    A UF Quarterback? REALLY???

    You do know that Tebow is the quarterback? I mean, he makes Mother Teresa look bad.

  9. Icarus says:

    I’ve just spent the day at Stone Mountain with my 6 year old niece. We both need a nap. I’ll settle for a happy hour, but not until she gets picked up by her mom.

    Bigdel1 – Welcome to Peach Pundit

    Doug – typical

    Buzz – another topical name, but I’ll miss the Frigtards

    TPSwampRat – who the hell let you out of California anyway? Dekalb does have an active GOP. I believe Jamie Siebold is still Chairman. Considering their permanent minority status in Dekalb, they have had a strong presence in the past.

    I apparently have to go now, as I am not giving enough attention to 101 Dalmations.

  10. The Driving Buddha says:

    Welcome all to the second seasons of Peach Pundit Football. For those that just want to pick a random team to cheer for during the season, the selections include….

    4th Ward Bruisers
    Al Smith’s Rabbi
    Fountain City Rage
    Georgia Hope
    mad molars
    Melted Wings Part II
    Obama the Savior
    Peach State Punisher
    Smyrna White Trash
    The ConVicks
    Warsaw City Ferrymen
    What’s the Deal

  11. TPNoGa says:


    Who let me out? HA! With my political beliefs they gave me an escort to the state line and declared a state holiday! One less “pure evil” conservative. Shoot, I’m pretty sure Henry Waxman’s office would have paid for the move if I had asked.

    I did find out that I will be in Price’s district…who knew? I was ready to do battle with another Democrat rep.

  12. TPNoGa says:

    Just to give a taste of life of a con in LA, a co-worker and I were smoking. He proceeded to tell me how the best member of congress was Cynthia McKinney. I about gagged myself into a coma. That’s what I was dealing with.

  13. Icarus says:

    “…a taste of life of a con in LA, a co-worker and I were smoking…”

    You could do weed on the job in LA? I only ask because it seems out there that they want to require anyone with tobacco to have a 5 year jail sentence, but want to have middle school kids trained on bongs, pipes, and papers.

    I know two people wouldn’t be so bold as to smoke tobacco together in public out there.

  14. TPNoGa says:

    Actually, I did buy my cigs from a guy out of his trunk. They were smuggled in from Mexico and did not contain the tax stamp.

    Pot you can buy tax free at any “clinic”.

  15. TPNoGa says:

    Now Shep,

    Finally you are speakin’ my language!

    Roll tide roll, around the bowl and down the hole, roll tide roll.

    Ya know, Saban is only a letter away from Satan.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    Shep, want to know how the Alabama GOP plans to discourage Auburn fans from voting for Obama? They will put a G in front of Obama.

    You guys are going to learn to hate Saban….Alabama will win a National Championship before Georgia does…

  17. drjay says:

    i’ll only post this once although i may snd an email as well–i realize that getting 16 people from across the state together for a live draft will be a huge challenge anyway–but 9am on the sat morn of labor day weekend seems like an esp. bad time for a live draft if we are seriously going to try to have one…just saying

  18. Icarus says:

    Not to mention that it is the first “real” day of college football. We’ll discuss it on the message boards inside the league. I’m not sure that getting everyone on the same page at the same time will be practical, so auto-draft is still an option for a lot of us.

  19. Doug Deal says:

    The last time I woke up by 9:00 AM eastern time on a saturday, I was in France, and it was only because I was on European time.

    How about noon, as many of us will be awake to watch the CFB games.

  20. drjay says:

    well if there is a vote about such things i am voting for an autodraft–i’ll poke around the league message boards to see what every one else thinks as well

  21. Icarus says:

    Doug, if you’re not waking up before nine every day of the week with a sub-one-year-old in your house, you should be making sure you say your prayers before you go to bed every night. It’s only a matter of time before your wife kills you in your sleep.

  22. Doug Deal says:

    Icky, I get late night, my wife get’s early morning, as once I am asleep, it usually takes an act of congress, including the required committee hearings and debate to wake me up. In fact, I once sleep through a three alarm fire that was destroying the 6 bedroom house/apartment next door to me. This is with firemen shouting, siren’s blazing, and water canons spraying my roof.

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