Lowery for Martin

The Rev. Joseph Lowery had some harsh words for Snuggles:

Lowery never mentioned Jones by name, but the language was still brutal:

“As we anticipate the election of a visionary president of these United States in November, we must be keenly aware of the need to send to the Congress men and women who share the vision of the president and the platform from which attempts will be made to enact laws and establish policies.”

“We believe Jim Martin, candidate for the U.S. Senate, and consistent Democrat, meets that standard, and shares that vision. We cannot afford to send to the Senate a zig-zag, so-called conservative Bush supporter who by his own admission, not only voted for Bush one time, but after having an opportunity to review his leadership for a quadrennium, voted for him a second time.”

“If I sit in my swing in my backyard under the old oak tree in an electrical storm, and lightning strikes me one time, lightning can be blamed. But if the storm comes back, and I return to that same swing under that same tree, I have to assume responsibility for lightning striking me.”