Hey Boyreporter

Regarding your latest comment:

That is way beyond my reach. All I want is to grow up big and strong like Erick and Demon and Bill and Tinkersmell and a bunch of other really strong guys who think it’s cool to beat up on little kids. Oh, and then write long treatises about how it’s really good for them and for society and all that. But thanks for the encouragement. I gotta go now and trip that cripple coming down the street. He’ll be all the stronger for it.

I don’t really give a flip that you disagree, but I really think you’ve crossed a line of jackassery with your latest comments and I’d prefer to keep you around, but if you’re going to keep it up, I’m quite happy to block you from posting.


  1. Icarus says:

    Liberals are quite welcome here. We have Griftdrift, ChrisHardcore, DecaturGuy, Bobby Kahn, ProgressiveDem, Rusty, and Bill Simon, to name a few.

  2. Grift continues to confound and confuse those who label first and ask questions later -though I’m sure Icarus was joking.
    Why was SpaceyG left off the list? I’m sure her feelings were hurt…

  3. Decaturguy says:

    I’m offended too. I might have a point of view, but can it so easily be classified as purely liberal? Many liberals think I’m too conservative.

  4. Icarus says:

    I thought liberals were people that were professionally offended by something? So if you’re offended….

    Just kidding. Kind of.

    One of the beauties of this site is that most of the folks that contribute here aren’t of the normal political blog variety, and are much more interested in political discourse than hurling invective and shouting partisian talking points without any attempt to attain common ground. (note, I said MOST)

    Therefore, a lot of us defy the conventional labels that have become almost meaningless anyway. I’ve had more than one Republican threaten to revoke my “conservative” card. But the way we’ve trashed our own brand, I often wonder if I shouldn’t just turn it in voluntarily.

  5. John Konop says:

    Rumor has it Icarus was seen with Jane Fonda’s daughter Bridget. What does this say about his liberal taste in woman? Is Bill Simon jealous? Enquiring minds want to know!

  6. tb says:

    Dare I say I am a republican conservative and never have smacked my kids? I think this is a generational issue more than anything. A lot of younger republicans just don’t paddle anymore. I think it Worked back in the day, but I have never ever had to do it.

  7. tb says:

    Forgot to say, that this issue of paddling is another reason why we need school choice urgently. Now you’ll get the democrats to support it too since many are opposed to paddling too.

  8. MSBassSinger says:

    I’d vote for keeping boyreporter. Hopefylly he will choose to respond to others by thinking through things in support of his beliefs (as opposed to hurling insults).

    The discovery of facts along that journey of intellectual discourse will inevitably lead towards being more conservative. 🙂

    Besides, I hope we’re all tough enough to scrape off the occassional slop boyreporter throws in the heat of passion. It doesn’t matter what I am called when I know it is not true.

  9. Progressive Dem says:

    Glad to listed with the few, the proud.

    This site could use some more front page liberals. Contrast is what makes life interesting.

  10. tb says:

    Let me tell you folks why i think paddling is wrong in public schools. Excuse me, but I don’t need a government employee (hired help) to discipline my kids in this particular manner. I can do it my self. As a parent and taxpayer, for any school board to o.k. this policy I think is really dumb. What about the kids with medical problems or those with undiagnosed Autism? Happens daily. Those kids can be potentially punished for their medical condition, for echolalia, for apraxia, for hand-flapping, for all kinds of things. For republicans that state that they fall in the ‘my family did it and I turned out o.k. mentality’ I think is kind of short-sighted. If a teacher has an issue with my kid, and hits them, they will be dealing with me… and I would be their worst nightmare. Now I respect teachers and the rules of school, but as far as my parental rights, I decide on the punishment for ‘bad’ behavior. And the punishment will match the crime. My kids really hate it when they have to right an apology letter and long discertation on what they would do better. Geez people – we need school choice now more than ever in GA, to stop this indoctrination. Not only do we look to schools for ‘character’ . development and ‘character’ education programs, , but now we expect it to be o.k. to paddle kids when they see fit. No thank you. I think most Georgians are capable of independent thought and when we get those vouchers, we will be able to choose how our children are educated and the free market will drive education so we can really be globally competitive. Pretty stupid that these schools have these ‘good touch, bad touch’ educational programs and yet can give a spank with a paddle. Duh, what ignorance.

    I also was paddled in school for being ‘bad’. You know what my crime was….wow, I was left handed. And I was punished repeatedly for being left handed, would you all believe that?!
    Did I say I was a republican…yes I am, card carrying member, but a pretty disgusted one at that.

  11. John Konop says:

    I understand the problem schools have with left handed people. This issue of using the left hand can be very disruptive in the lunch room. Why do they not make all left handed people eat together? And the school would save money on paddles.

  12. jsm says:

    “Excuse me, but I don’t need a government employee (hired help) to discipline my kids in this particular manner.”

    I thought this thread was about the boy, but anyway…

    I’m not disagreeing, tb, but in light of your comments, I’m curious how you believe a teacher should deal with a student who refuses to behave no matter what. Should the child be removed from the classroom so as not to obstruct the learning of the rest of the class? Where does the child go, and who handles the problem from there? Teachers are not all trained counselors, and in public schools, they are stuck with whatever kids are placed in their class. What’s the best way to handle a belligerent child once all available responses have been exhausted?

  13. MSBassSinger says:

    Corporal punishment is ages old, and it works. Like anything else, it can be misused, but when used right, it works right.

    I first took band in the 4th grade, and our band director was a guy we called “Lurch”. He resembled him a good bit, though younger, and had been a minor league baseball pitcher. One day, a particular troublemaking kid in the back playing drums wouldn’t be quiet and follow him when he was told to. The next thing we knew, “Lurch” had thrown an eraser with startling accuracy, hitting the boy in the head just hard enough to get his attention but not hard enough to do any damage. From that point on, we all paid attention and kept quiet when we were supposed to be playing our instruments.

    I never saw “Lurch” show a temper, not even then, but he certainly taught us a lot once he had our attention, and engendered in many of us a lifelong appreciation for music.

    It is your choice, jp, whether or not ot use corporal punishment, and not all kids will need it. But it is a legitimate tool to use in disciplining kids that has been successful for centuries. It isn’t beating or abuse.

  14. boyreporter says:

    “It isn’t beating or abuse…”

    Yes, it is, simply because “it” is a bigger person using his size and authority to whip a smaller person in his care.

    The Easter Bunny and Santa Clause are other myths you might enjoy.

  15. boyreporter says:

    Never had that happen to me, but you seem to be an authority on it. Methinks thou knowest who is the pipsqueak. How does it make you feel to defend hitting someone smaller than you? Powerful, I bet. And it is power. To someone small enough in brain power to actually brag about being a Republican. Taft would disavow you. Hey, isn’t there some kid you should be smacking about now instead of fantasizing in the mom’s basement?

  16. John Konop says:

    It’s a Rumble at the PP!

    Icarus what is the line on this fight?

    The liberal young upstart boyreporter vs. the veteran conservative brawler Taft Republican

    We could set up pay per click. Rugbyfan could be in charge of selling BEER live at a campaign event for Icarus.

    This could be the fight!

  17. Icarus says:

    It’s going to be hard to find a bookmaker on this one John. Boy reporter doesn’t like guns or physical violence. Taft seems to have been through enough political battles that he’s probably taken his share of scorching verbage like water off a duck’s back. I don’t yet see a venue where they would be willing to compete where a win/loss would be clear. Bakeoff maybe?

    I’m not sure this has gone on long enough that it would draw the ratings like Andre vs. Decaturguy or Bill Simon vs. whomever Bill is pissed at today.

  18. SpaceyG says:

    Why am I not on the L-I-B-E-R-A-L list? (For those of you who don’t read too good here.) Hmmmpphhh. I’m so hoppin’ mad I’m gonna, like, go be gay, have an abortion for fun and games, and raise some hard-working white male family man’s taxes for this gross omission.

  19. boyreporter says:

    Icarus: What do mean, I don’t like guns for violence? I don’t mind violence in defense of me or mine or the community or the nation, but violence against little kids…well…that’s different. I’m ready for a fight if it’s necessary, not just to prove some ignorant pissant from Texas can be a “war president,” and certainly not to prove I can whip a kid.

    And guns? You gun-lovers ought to own up to your psychological needs and seek help.

  20. Icarus says:

    And John, as for only dating liberals, I owe that to Bob Dole.

    Actually, I owe it to Dan Akroyd, playing Bob Dole, in an Saturday Night Live skit from the 70’s, and a line of his I took to heart at a very young age:

    “Republican women are harder to open than a liquor store in Nebraska”.

  21. boyreporter says:

    Never fail to go for the easy shot, eh Ick? At least I take responsibility. It’s the dim light given off posts such as yours that makes it hard to see the keyboard.

  22. boyreporter says:

    “The pee pee won’t wait for you.”

    Isn’t that a quote from one of W’s State of the Union messages?

  23. John Konop says:

    I will throw in my ten cents. This debate demonstrates why we have so many problems in Country that does not get solved! You guys would rather debate if paddling is good or bad while the schools are falling apart.

    Do any of you think this issue even has anything to do with the problems in schools one way or the other?

    You guys are addicted to arguing mindless thoughtless gut issues while real problems mount!

  24. boyreporter says:

    I don’t care a bit about arguing about paddling or “spanking” or debate, John. I care about ridiculing a–holes who hit children, their own children, for whatever reason. Let’s not lose sight of the cowardice involved in a big guy whacking a little girl or boy, just because the kid needs some intelligent directing and the whacker ain’t got what it takes.

  25. dorian says:

    That’s good boyreporter, because this thread isn’t about the spanking debate. It’s about your being a jackass (which you are, btw). The only thing I’ve ever seen you add to a debate is sarcasm, and it isn’t even the good kind of sarcasm that has a point woven into it somewhere. Instead, it is just meanness for the sake of meanness directed at everyone who disagrees with you.

    The problem with that is that it isn’t very persuasive. For someone who is as rabid a liberal as you are, you aren’t particularly concerned with trying to win anyone over to your point of view. Then again, this is the peachpundit, and while all kinds are represented here most are some form of conservative.

    What I gather, then, is that instead of trying to engage in any sort of serious debate with anyone over anything, you want to make people mad. You come here to irritate people. That is the point. It doesn’t really make me mad. It makes me feel sorry for you.

    My suggestion for you is to forego the raving liberal schtick for a while and work on some interpersonal skills.

  26. boyreporter says:

    John K:

    I don’t see much point in debating whether to hit kids (or anyone else) to instill proper behavior, which would include not hitting people, especially if you’re bigger. Ditto for proudly proclaiming affinity for a “philosophy” — HA — and a political party (guess which) that can’t see beyond cutting taxes and swaggering around the world like a drunk cowboy. BTW, I began my lamented PP career with the observation that the Southern wing of the GOP (now the dominant wing, of course) owes its origin and growth to ingesting the poison of the putrid Dixiecrats who rejected the national Democratic Party over civil rights issues. Apologize for that and I’ll be inclined to take you and this “debate forum” more seriously. But I know you won’t, because that “Southern Strategy” truth of your “conservative” pact with the devil is too embarrassing. Or it would be if its adherents were capable of embarrassment.

  27. dorian says:

    That was a perfect example of what I am talking about. What is the point of getting a bs apology on a bs issue from someone who had no control over whatever it is your complaining about in the first place?

    Whatever kind of forum this is, you don’t debate the issues, because you can’t. It’s kind of sad, though, to be the comedian when you’re the only one laughing at your own jokes. If you want to talk about parenting, maybe someone should have shown you there are better ways to get attention.

  28. boyreporter says:

    I expected you to avoid the issue of what you guys are all about. Doesn’t matter that you weren’t personally present when the seed was planted. You keep watering the tree. Don’t get hung up on semantics: call it apology, call it recognition, call it anything, but address it. Man up on it. The roots of your organization and philososphy are tainted, and so is the fruit. Yes, I know, that’s another personal jab. Look at your own posts for similar ones.

    It’s only about “parenting” if you’re committed to keeping the option of smacking your kid. You need that sort of psycho-babble to hide behind. Now go kick a cat. A small one, of course.

  29. John Konop says:


    The racist Hillary Clinton campaign against Obama has destroyed your high road argument. I do not speak for any party, but I am not the only conservative on this site that does not support racist attacks on Obama. I will be happy to debate policy that I do not agree with Obama that he supports like immigration, spending……

    Why did you not attack liberals like Spacey that had no problem with the racist attacks from Billary?

  30. jsm says:

    “I’m so hoppin’ mad I’m gonna, like, go be gay, have an abortion for fun and games, and raise some hard-working white male family man’s taxes for this gross omission.”

    A wise man once said that a lot of truth is said in jest.

  31. boyreporter says:

    For what it’s worth, I don’t like Hillary or Bill. they’re too conservative. So I’m not sure why you don’t embrace that inconstant, shifting, opportunistic, narcissistic, my-way-or-the-highway power couple. I think they’d fit right in with you guys. Not sure what that has to do with anything.

  32. dorian says:

    I never claimed I didn’t make personal jabs. I do. I just like to sprinkle mine with a dose of reality. Secondly, I don’t waste my time lamenting over meaningless symbolic gestures and would, from a practical standpoint, rather spend my efforts actually trying to fix stuff. If it’ll make you feel better, I’ll print you out a certificate (suitable for framing) and you can hang it on your wall. Third, I’m not a particularly angry person. I can’t really relate to your bitterness, but it seems like you want everyone to be as mad as you are. Unfortunately, you can’t fix something that is broken by breaking it more, and the madder you make people the less likely you are to get what you want.

  33. boyreporter says:

    A certificate showing what? I’m not particularly angry, either, except when I see what Republicans have done to this country. It begins with that. I don’t expect you to understand. H

  34. boyreporter says:

    A certificate showing what? I’m not particularly angry, either, except when I see what Republicans have done to this country. It begins with that. I don’t expect you to understand. H

  35. boyreporter says:

    A certificate showing what? I’m not particularly angry, either, except when I see what Republicans have done to this country. It begins with that. I don’t expect you to understand.

  36. joe says:


    dorian magnanimously offers to prove to the world that you are certifiable, and you get so upset that you can’t even complete your post (twice). You may need some anger management.

  37. dorian says:

    Whatever you want it to say, my man. As a meaningless symbolic gesture I don’t really care. Whatever will make you feel good about yourself and make the world a cheery place for you full of bright, primary colors. If some meaningless tripe I inkjetted placates you, I’m in.

  38. boyreporter says:

    Sorry ’bout the multiples. Not intentional. Not used to laptop, trying to balance it and not spill my Count Chocula.

    Dorian, I like the idea of your letting me pick the wording on your certificate. Can you spell dumb-ass? That would be great.

  39. John Konop says:


    Are you angry at Democrats that went along for the ride?


    No Child Left Behind

    Energy Bill

    Highway Bill

    Drug Prescription Bill


    Farm Bill……..

  40. dorian says:

    I can spell it, but if I were you, I wouldn’t want a certificate of achievement for it. Instead, let me modify it slightly, m’kay? Instead of “In recognition of boyreporter’s being a total dumb-a . .”, I would suggest “in recognition of boyreporter’s being a whiner, douche, and having his head up his a . .”. The certificate would, obviously, have the actuals swear words, but I wouldn’t want to offend the tender sensitivities of some of our readers. Where would you like it mailed?

  41. El_Capatain says:

    Dorian, Please remember to have that certificate notarized. Also a gold star would make BR really smile when he sees it on his mama’s fridge.

  42. Tinkerhell says:

    ROFLMAO at little boy r.

    Initially I just though he/she/it was an anti-gun nut. Fine no problem. Then I figured h/s/i was just a nasty, typical liberal anti-gun nut that defaults to ad-hominem spewage within 3 lines of every post on the topic. Ok I can even deal with that if the poster has other relevant contributions outside of the “gun” arena. Now it appears obvious to me that h/s/i isn’t a poster, rather just a troll trying to see what h/s/i can get stirred up, how off the handle he can push other contributors and all without doing anything but spewing inflammatory crap and detracting from the topic at hand.

    Even in this thread the whole point of the original post is obviously 100% outside the realm of interest for this troll, for now that is certainly the realm that BR has fallen into IMnsHO. I just hope Erick gets around to reading these comments to his original post and double checks that last line of his again

    [Quote]but I really think you’ve crossed a line of jackassery with your latest comments and I’d prefer to keep you around, but if you’re going to keep it up, I’m quite happy to block you from posting.[\Quote]

    Hope to not see you around anymore h/s/i.

  43. boyreporter says:

    No, no, no, listen slower so it’ll make sense to you: the cert was to certify your acquiescence to the legacy of the Dixiecrats. That’s where this whole thing began, but I can understand your unwillingness to own up to it. Now don’t you fun people have some insurance to sell or something?

  44. boyreporter says:

    Something I’ve been meaning to ask Dorian: Is there a phone in your mom’s basement for you to use making those cold calls, or do you have to go door-to-door every time?

  45. dorian says:

    Sometimes, I forget the problem dealing with nuts is a) you have to be literal, and b) they never let go of something. I’m not particularly interested in the history of the states rights democratic party. I really can’t even fake being interested, so you can rant and rave all you want to and my reaction will always be “eh”. I will observe, however, that I think you ought to be trolling some south carolina political website instead. Maybe, you could write hate mail to strom thurman’s kids or picket his grave site. Anyway, when you get back to rambling over something that actually matters, we’ll talk some more.

  46. John Konop says:


    As an elitist I am sure guys like me who made cold calls to get ahead are beneath you. And I had my son do it in my business this summer to teach character. Unlike you I respect all of my employees no matter the job or title. But in your world you would report me for child abuse because I had my son do work beneath you.

  47. boyreporter says:

    I’ve probably hung up on you and/or your son a few times at dinner-time. If so, I’m glad I did, because you make absolutely no sense. But at least you appear smarter than Dorian and Tinker. That’s something.

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