Chambliss in sugar furor

From today’s Savannah Morning News:

An Imperial Sugar Co. executive’s lawyer says the company put U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss up to harassing his client at a subcommittee hearing.

Near the end of the Tuesday session in Washington, the Georgia Republican lit into Graham H. Graham, Imperial’s vice president of operations.

“I believe Chambliss was espousing the company line in an effort to discredit and blunt Mr. Graham’s testimony,” the attorney, Philip Hilder, said Wednesday.

Chambliss denied that, saying he spoke on behalf of the families of the 13 people killed as a result of the Feb. 7 explosions and fire at the Port Wentworth refinery.


  1. fishtail says:

    I live in Savannah and at Larry’s Restaurant this morning the regulars were trashing Saxby Chambliss pretty soundly. Usually this crowd is very pro-GOP, but with OSHA’s recent release finding that Imperial Sugar’s upper management was fully aware of the virtual powder keg at the Savannah plant and the subsequent explosion and 13 deaths, injuries, etc. one can certainly understand the resentment. Will this hurt Saxby in November? Time will tell.

  2. JamesStratfield says:

    Yeah…why do I somehow doubt the above event actually took place.

    This is such a non-event.

  3. GOPGrassroots says:

    1) Contributions were made last June, not this June, which the article failed to mention.

    2) The same contribution was made to John Barrow (D), which the article also failed to mention.

    3) You’ve got to hand it to this guy’s lawyer, he sure got the Savannah paper to buy his client’s story hook, line and sinker.

  4. fishtail says:

    JamesStratfield…go by Larry’s on Skidaway Road any morning and find out for yourself how the Breakfast Bunch feels about 13 local boys getting killed due to corporate greed. If you live in Savannah you must realize that the sugar refinery is a local institution. Hundreds of folks work there and nearly everyone has a friend, family member, neighbor, business, etc. that has been impacted by the explosion. I’m not trashing Saxby, I’m just making an observation based on my personal experience.

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