1. drjay says:

    Seriously, is there a worse, more cheaply produced commercial on television?

    head on, apply directly to your forehead
    head on, apply directly to your forehead…

  2. jsm says:

    What about Mighty Putty? I had to laugh recently when I heard a kid tell another that the stuff didn’t work. She knew because her mom had ordered it. I can’t believe people actually order this stuff.

  3. He makes me feel like I’m watching a three-card monte schemer, only he’s using a super-absorbent bathmat (“MADE IN GERMANY!”).

    “What are you doing, you’re throwin’ yer money away!”

  4. I’m appalled that Erick makes such a statement without providing visual evidence. Hence, I will right this great wrong now:

    And here’s a birthday present for you drjay:

  5. shep1975 says:

    Things from Germany are super-absorbent. Remember when the Germans absorbed most of Europe? Of course the rate of absorption does not hold up well over time or against the US Army.

  6. Donkey Kong says:


    Your glorious Red Army was actually picking up the pieces — after months of being unable to clothe or feed itself, the indomitable Russian Army could finally wear clothes again, compliments of the German military. I still don’t think they started to feed themselves for some time.

  7. atlantaman says:

    My favorite part is when he pours 1/2 a bottle of Coke on the piece of rug. There is so much Coke it’s leaking all over the table. Then there is a quick and deceptive cut in the scene; before he even starts to use the ShamWow 90% of the Coke has already been cleaned up.

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