1. Game Fan says:

    IMHO some kids never need spanking. And there may be some merit to the whole “time out” thing. However with some kids something physical is the only thing they will understand. As far as the liberals complaining about this and that why don’t they explore the abuses that take place with kids in state custody?

  2. boyreporter says:

    You guys are missing the point. Erick “the hand” posted this to give support to his addiction to smacking his little girl. He needs your help in not feeling guilty or abusive or seeing himself as a cowardly bully, not your clever asides.

  3. jsm says:

    I think this issue is often confused with the problem of people disciplining children in anger rather than maintaining control of their emotions and demonstrating discipline to the child in love with a concern for the child’s future success.

    I’m not a parent, so I can’t discuss the matter from that point of view. However, my experience hanging out with nieces and nephews and dealing with kids in other social settings helps me understand how easy it is to get angry at childish behavior. Some folks are better at controlling their anger than others, as I’ve seen kids in public yanked up and smacked in their parent’s momentary rage. I can’t imagine that a paddling in private, during which the child understands he is being punished to teach him to change his behavior, is damaging when compared to an angry public smack from uncontrolled anger.

    Regarding the application of the article, the schools should leave spanking to parents. Some private schools I am familiar with call the parents if in-class measures do not correct the child’s behavior. The parent has to come to the school and has the choice of either paddling the child or checking the child out for the rest of the day. This method leaves the ball in the parent’s court and allows the parent to manage behavior control.

  4. boyreporter says:

    Bill, I had forgotten how insightful and intelligent your posts are. How are things in your mom’s basement? Thank God for velcro or you wouldn’t be able to fasten your shoes. Now go to the kids’ table while the adults eat at the big table…you know how Erick gets if you defy him, and we wouldn’t want a swat on the behind now, would we?

  5. Tinkerhell says:

    Boyreporter you need more than a swat and you need it somewhere other than the behind to help you out. Something more along the lines of a little (lot? probably) electroconvulsive therapy; your issues are well beyond that which medication can help.
    The failure to use corporal punishment in our schools when appropriate is one of the significant contributing factors to the horrible results of public school students in Georgia and other states. If we had more schools that were willing to administer a good paddling to a few more kids in the elementary system we would all be better off. Of course if more parents were doing this instead of being willing to sue a school because they laid a hand on poor little Johnny then the problem wouldn’t be so bad either.

    Go hold hands with your buddies from the UN. While you are politely asking the children (you know, the ones that are cursing out the teachers, disrupting the rest of the class and in general acting like the ill-mannered ruffians their parents have let them become) to sit down and do their work. I’ll be in the corner of the class room laughing at your pointless attempts at classroom management just like the students will.

    As noted above, there is a time and place for “administrative” punishments such as time out & deprivation of toys ect, and there is a time and place for more direct admonishments as well. A good switch, belt, paddle worked for my grandma, and my dad and it will work for my son as well. Just as with your emo responses to firearms; just because you can’t imagine yourself dealing out a spanking without being in some sort of murderous rage, don’t assume the rest of us are so out of control of our emotions.

  6. boyreporter says:

    Tinkerheck (not as hellish as you might imagine yourself), it’s obvious from your ill-considered ravings that you must have been on the receiving end of a belt or a switch, and often the aim was off and your head got in the way. Since you know so much and are so generous in dispensing your wisdom, don’t be shy about thinking about how you can improve yourself. Begin with a little self-examination, perhaps asking how you think you know so much about people you never met. But wait: rightwing nuts do that all the time, so nevermind. You have all the answers. Must be nice.

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