I have to share this.

I’ve been doing the “evil laugh” in front of Evelyn.

You know the one: moohoowahahahahahah.

At day care yesterday, Evelyn got a toy first. She turned around to the kid who also wanted the toy and did the evil laugh.

Awe. Some.

*And yes, she did share. She’s gotten very good at sharing. She also informed me that Santa Claus is bringing her a “lull baby boy and he gonna be smart.”


  1. Icarus says:

    Clearly, spanking has warped this fragile young mind.

    And apparently, if you let her listen to country music, she’ll start lynching people.

  2. boyreporter says:

    Thanks for the update, Erick. Be sure to tell us next time she’s not so cute and you smack the hell out of her. Kids have short memories, so she will please you often, forgetting the corporal punishment. But wouldn’t it be nice if you just let her never fear she’s gonna get swatted? It would be a gift, and you can give it.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Nah, I didn’t miss it. The thing is, Ic, in order to dream-up that type of mocking sarcasm, your brain has to be working with a lot of energy pushing out those thoughts.

    BoyR, on the other hand….

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