Is Pam Stephenson a member of the Georgia Bar or not?

Beleaguered Grady Memorial Hospital CEO Pam Stephenson produced a letter from the state bar admissions office Monday saying she must have demonstrated in 1994 that she had a law degree, because it licensed her to practice. Stephenson said the letter dated July 21, “confirms what I already knew about myself: Pam Stephenson holds a juris doctorate degree and I worked very hard for that.”

Swell, except she has yet to produce a diploma or even a transcript.

This situation is quite bizarre. Stephenson evidently (1) doesn’t have her diploma either on display or in storage, (2) can’t produce a single copy of her transcript, and (3) already labors under the burden of “word processing errors” to account for other “mystery degrees.” It is also curious that previous AJC reports indicated that some records (to include Stephenson’s) from the Woodrow Wilson School of Law, which are maintained by Oglethorpe University, have now been destroyed. Records like those are NEVER to be destroyed. For example, Mercer University continues to maintain the records from Tift College…in perpetuity.

Rep. Stephenson…where is your degree? Where is your transcript?  More importantly, can you name anyone who graduated with you from Woodrow Wilson who remembers you receiving your degree?  Did you take the Georgia Bar with anyone you can produce?


  1. drjay says:

    you know in the movie “the net” the powers that be were able to completely remove any evidence of sandra bulloch’s existence from the world and she was such a recluse that for a while it seemed she would be helpless to do anything about it…i’m just saying…

  2. Game Fan says:

    She’d be in luck if she had gone to school in New Orleans. Or in the Twin Towers. Or lots of places actually. Any hot spot around the world where stuff got destroyed or flooded. Which reminds me of the DC archives from a few years ago. What a bunch of total JACKASSES we have in government. build the Capital in a swamp and keep copies of our founding documents in the basement. WTF? Mental peons is what they are.

  3. Rogue109 says:

    Has Oglethorpe confirmed that records were destroyed?

    Chuck: I am unaware if they have, so I don’t want to speak out of turn. It seems that (but I can’t confirm) that Stephenson told the Bar that there weren’t any records and they bought it and gave her the certificate of eligibility and then she turns around and says that that confirms she has a law degree.

    I FULLY admit all this could be wrong, but drjay makes another good point: doesn’t she have ANY photos or ANY evidence to show she graduated?

  4. bucky says:

    The AJC a couple of weeks ago said Oglethorpe had records of her attendance but no record of her graduating:

    “Yet a student transcript in Woodrow Wilson records — which are in the care of Oglethorpe University — shows only that Stephenson attended the school from 1976 to 1979. It does not list a degree or say she graduated, according to the registrar’s office.”

    How is it that she went to law school from 1976 to 1979 but didn’t become a member of the bar until 1994?

    And I STILL want to know how she can serve on the F-D Hospital Authority AND be an employee of the hospital. See OCGA 31-7-74.1

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