Know the standards

Kathy Cox says we should tell kids what our expectations are and they will follow them.

I don’t know about that. I told my two year old if she runs screaming into a corner again yelling “no” when I tell her to do something, I’m going to spank her. She ran into the corner screaming “no” so I spanked her. Then I told her to go to bed and the process repeated.

This two year old phase is getting on my nerves.


  1. Game Fan says:

    Have you tried acting like a monster and scaring the living daylights out of her? I have a mask. I could come by. 30 minutes or it’s free.

  2. boyreporter says:

    Have you tried using your head instead of your hand? You can’t outwit a two-year-old? Just like a Republican to resort to force as a first resort. But of course, you are bigger, so might makes right and all that. Can she hit back with any force? Oh, a two-year-old. And a girl at that. I guess not. So you’re safe. Big man. Hit a kid.

  3. Thadius says:

    First of all Erick you need to recognize that your child has done nothing wrong. the tantrums are a natural part of a child’s life. You are wrong for thinking there is anything whatsoever negative about those tantrums…
    When you get on a plane and your little girl is screaming for the whole flight, it’s not a bad thing, it’s only natural. All of the rest of the passengers are intolerant for thinking it’s negative for her to be screaming.
    If she decides to go crazy in her teen years and drags the family name through the mud… it’s only natural. There is nothing wrong with her actions. There is something wrong with your perception of what are only natural activities.
    The cardinal rule of child-rearing you see, is:
    Discipline may lead to inhibitions from acting out natural tendencies, like say wanting to change genders.. you know normal, non-bizzar stuff.

    Discipline, phssht… where did it ever get anyboody?

  4. boyreporter says:

    El_C, I have raised three kids well beyond the “terrible two’s”, and it takes work, not brutality, to succeed. But brutality is much, much easier. And to some sicko parents, it can be fun, right Erick? Erick, you DO need a cattle prod, right up the old GOP canal. When does a “spanking” parent stop “spanking”? When the child gets too big and can resist or fight back, that’s when. So “spanking” a little one is just bullying (and can be worse). And chicken-s–t, to boot. By the way, if “spanking” is so benign, why do you need a euphemism for what you do? Why not just call it what is is: hitting, slapping, striking, beating, etc.? Calling it a harmless-sounding “cute” name salves your conscience, but it’s still hitting. Oh, and you’re going to teach a child proper behavior by…uh…hitting?

  5. bucky says:

    I sense a need for CHANGE in the Erickson Family administration. The Ericksons need a leader who will sit down with their daughter and engage in dialogue and diplomacy with no preconditions. . . . .

  6. AtlConservative says:

    Boyreporter – it is not your child so stop preaching! I think parenting is the job of the parents – not YOU! You chose not to spank – your choice, but don’t disrespect someone for making their own choice. There is a fine line between spanking (slapping, hitting – pick the term) and abuse. For me, giving a spanking is the final straw, but again – my choice! Get over yourself!

  7. MSBassSinger says:

    Only the ignorant call spanking “hitting, slapping, striking, beating”.

    Spanking is a required tool for any parent who loves their child. Spanking is the last choice, and only used for wilful disobedience when the child clearly understands what is expected and purposefully disobeys. Every child is different, and only the parent can decide when spanking is no longer effective.

    Parents who do not spank their kids when it is necessary choose that path, not for the benefit of the child, but for their own selfish need to make themselves feel better and to feed their own cowardice.

    My kids are now grown, with kids of their own. Each of my kids (2 boys, 1 girl), have told me (now that they are grown) that my wife and I were right to spank them when we did.

    There are, of course, other things to try before spanking. Taking away favorite toys, TV time, etc. But spanking, used appropriately, is what a good parent does.

    I reccomend these two links:

    Properly disciplining a child without breaking his or her spirit isn’t easy, but parenting isn’t for cowards. Everytime I had to spank my kids, it did hurt me more than them, and I always hugged them and made sure they knew I wasn’t angry with them and loved them unconditionally regardless of what they did or failed to do. I think that has a lot to do with why we are all so close today.

    It is better to teach a child the consequences of breaking the rules and respecting authority when young by spanking than to teach an adult the same thing by years spent in prsion.

  8. SpaceyG says:

    Knowing the three amazing children BoyReporter has actually raised while busily and thanklessly and relentlessly sparing the rod, I’d say you should heed his words. Those are kids people tell their kids “Why can’t you be more like BoyReporters’ kids?” They’ll get scholarships to schools like Yale, and no thought of Georgia Southern or KSU will ever once cross their brilliant little minds.

    But with girls Erick, no need to resort to acts of cruelty and violence — once they are a bit older. Rather, just threaten to take away anything associated with the Jonas Brothers from their every day lives, and they will march willingly and quite quickly in lock step to your every whim and rule and wish.

  9. bucky says:

    I’m not getting into the issue of whether spanking = beating, etc. But I do think that before equating the two, one should remember that at least Erick’s struggling with how to raise a properly-behaved little girl and how to the get message across to her. On the other hand, this guy in Atlanta just killed his two-month-old because he wouldn’t stop crying.

    THAT is beating a child.

    If I were more technosavvy, I probably could’ve imbedded that video.

  10. Erick says:

    I believe I’ll raise my child as I see fit. FWIW, a spanking in my house involves a swat so light a fly would think it just a breeze on his rear end. Meanwhile, Evelyn is convinced the world has fallen apart.

    You even threaten time out in my house and Evelyn is convinced the end of the world has come.

  11. boyreporter says:

    Go ahead with your fancy euphemisms for bullying and worse. And feel big about picking on someone not even close to your side, cowards. I say again: You effers quit “spanking” when the “spankee” is too big for you. How cowardly.

    Thanks, Spacey. I appreciate your comments.

  12. MSBassSinger says:

    Apparently boyreporter has never seen a 100 lb momma or granny whipping the tar out of a 160 lb teenage boy that need a whippin’.

    Erick has it 100% right on what a spanking is. It’s not the physical pain that is important – it is the act itself and the kid learning to submit to authority. That is why a parent has to be so careful to mold the spirit, not break it. Not to mention that if you, as a parent, establish a consequence, you have to carry through on it the 1st time, every time. It takes consistency.

  13. Game Fan says:

    Thank God this country was built by people who were spanked and not by a bunch of “politically correct” folks who have decided to throw common sense out the window in exchange for “higher ed”. What a sick joke. “Higher ed/ivey league, elitists. ect… is simply codeword for elitists towing the line in their own little thought prison. Nice world. Want no part of it.

  14. rugby fan says:

    Game Fan:

    This country was also built by people who felt the subjugation and ownership of human beings was acceptable and that women were second class citizens so clearly they had many faults.

  15. boyreporter says:

    MS-B.S.-slinger: And how’s all that working out for our society, so far? Hitting (stop calling it spanking) is just the easy way out. Takes no thought or care or courage or intelligence. But, hey, you’re Repukicans, so I understand.

  16. MSBassSinger says:

    I get a mental image of boyreporter as a kid with his fingers in his ears and his eyes closed, running in circles yelling “la, la, la, la” so he doesn’t have to see or hear the truth.

    Not an admirable trait with adults.

    boyreporter, proper raising of children takes a lot of thought, courage, and reasonable intelligence, and above all, unconditional, sacrificial love. That is why a man, if he loves his child, has to use spanking when appropriate. Your reference to it as “hitting” is nothing more than a smokescreen for your own lack of courage and lack of understanding to do what is best for a child.

    And for the record, I am not and never have been, a Republican. I did run for local office once as a Democrat, back when that was the only party allowed in the rural South. I (unlike McCain, Romney, Bush, Pawlenty, Jerry Keen, and most Republican’ts in leadership nationally and in Georgia) am consistently conservative (theologically, politically, economically, socially, national defense, etc.) and find political parties to generally be cauldrons of ignorance, greed, and other forms of human waste.

  17. boyreporter says:

    B.S., you seem really open-minded. Don’t tell me about the proper raising of a child requiring — or even allowing — hitting someone smaller than you. You’re a coward if you do it, and an idiot if you don’t know anything else to do. Get your fingers out of your own ears and hear this: pick on someone your own size. Like Erick, maybe. He is doubtless small enough (in mind if not corpulence) to fit the bill. Show love for a child by swatting him? Spare the love, then. By the way, not joining the Republican Party doesn’t make you “not a Republican.” You’re there, and you must love the smell.

  18. Tinkerhell says:

    wow. Boyreporter. I’ve not been on these boards for an extensive amount of time but I thought that most of your thugish (“do it my way or you are wrong and now I’m going to call you names”) posts were basically limited to gun issues. I now see that you are just a twit on plenty of topics. I’ll respect your right to raise your kid any way you want to, just as I respect your right to not own a gun or shoot someone while they beat your kids to death in front of you after they’ve kicked the door to your home in so they can steal your dvds for crack. Just a darn shame that you don’t have the mentality to express your opinions in any manner other than through the filter of fear, hate, and ignorance in which you clearly live or to let other people have their opinions on what is right or wrong.

  19. boyreporter says:

    Tinkerhell: Are you a two-year-old? If not by age, you certainly qualify in other respects. See ya in church.

  20. Demonbeck says:

    We should all just do what boyreporter says, because he is never wrong. If he ever were, it was probably Bush’s fault so place the blame thusly.

  21. boyreporter says:

    No, just don’t beat up on little kids. Easy concept, even for you folks. But I guess not.

  22. Demonbeck says:

    tell me, boyreporter, what is the rate of recidivism amongst our incarcerated prison populations upon release? Pretty bad.

    Putting kids in “Time out” teaches them nothing when they don’t understand the concept of right and wrong.

    If Erick tells his two year old why it is bad to run out into the street without holding hands, she is not going to understand. If she knows she is going to be spanked if she runs out into the street without holding Daddy’s hand, she will be much less likely to get run over.

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