Judges Should Not Act Like Politicians (Even Though They Are)

That’s the message from some lawyer type activists.

Thursday, the Georgia Committee for Ethical Judicial Campaigns, a coalition of attorneys, legal scholars and business people, asked candidates for the Georgia supreme and appeals courts to pledge to keep their campaigns free of the trappings of most political campaigns.

False and misleading statements are out, as is taking positions on the campaign trail rather than in the courtroom, according to the pledge.


  1. bucky says:

    Is changing your name to A Able Ardvaark still allowed? Other than having the (i) next to your name, that’s the best way to get elected to Georgia’s Court of Appeals or Supreme Court. Every open judicial race for an appellate seat in the past two decades has gone to the person on the top of the ballot, and our ballots list those candidates alphabetically.

  2. atlantaman says:

    We have 7 people qualified for the upcoming open Appeals Court Seat. There are quite a few well known and highly regarded attorneys on that list (with the ability to spend a lot of money on a campaign). At the last minute a relatively unknown attorney, by the name of Tamela Adkins, qualified and will be at the very top of the ballot.

    It will be interesting, and unfortunate, if the top of the ballot rule for open statewide judicial races continues through this election.

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