First “Saxby Shameless” Radio Ad Buy

Lordy, don’t these Saxby Shameless folk just need to stir-up a nice gin & tonic, play a leisurely round of golf over there at Reynold’s Plantation, and just calm the heck down! Get an exclusive Peach Pundit listen here first. The ad will begin running, for a week, this Saturday across Georgia.


  1. albert says:

    Its amazing how you democrats want to blame the Republicans for everything going down the toilet. You folks control both houses of congress and have for 2 years. Your leadership has produced absolutely NOTHING that bolsters our economy. The price of fuel has almost doubled and you destroyed the agricultural landscape..

    Amazing, simply amazing. You act as if you all are the masters of ethical and cooperative government, but you’re actually your doing nothing more than demagoguing virtually every issue.

    Together We Can… steal your money Together We Can,,, raise your gas prices due to bad policy… Together We Can,,, destroy the nation’s food supply due to bad public policy…

    Together We Can,,, devalue the dollar so that it’s spending power is worthless…

    Together We Can,,, further dumb down society and make us equal to third world countries…

    Together Obama, Dean and Allen will destroy the local economy…

    Notice ole Joe is going to raise your taxes again… “”””I wanted to be in compliance and say ok I’ll go along with this and that’s the reason I voted for it. Hoping that everybody else will hold firm we’ll get this behind us and then we’ll go back and look and try to take those that were cut and put them back in place.” -Joe Allen/Bibb County Commission “””””

    Just what we need are more flip flopping democrats ruining our lives…

  2. MikeCantone says:

    Give us 2/3 control, the numbers we really need to be in the “majority” and see what changes happen…but that is way too scary for you Republicans isn’t it. The whole point is Senators like Saxby Shameless keep blocking measures that should be passed, and if they can’t stop it, Bush’s veto does.

  3. albert says:


    During the four years that George W. Bush has been in office, two Congresses have come and gone, and one was in session for about two weeks before the inauguration. Of the thousands of bills introduced in these three Congresses, 377 became law from the 107th Congress, 498 became law from the 108th Congress, and 1 became law from the newly assembled 109th Congress.

    Presidential Vetoes

    The following table shows the total number of vetoes made by each president. For a complete table that shows regular vetoes, pocket vetoes, and vetoes overridden, see this table from the House of Representatives.

    President Total Vetoes
    George Washington 2
    John Adams 0
    Thomas Jefferson 0
    James Madison 7
    James Monroe 1
    John Quincy Adams 0
    Andrew Jackson 12
    Martin Van Buren 1
    William Henry Harrison 0
    John Tyler 10
    James K. Polk 3
    Zachary Taylor 0
    Millard Fillmore 0
    Franklin Pierce 9
    James Buchanan 7
    Abraham Lincoln 7
    Andrew Johnson 29
    Ulysses S. Grant 93
    Rutherford B. Hayes 13
    James A. Garfield 0
    Chester A. Arthur 12
    Grover Cleveland I 414
    Benjamin Harrison 44
    Grover Cleveland II 170
    William McKinley 42
    Theodore Roosevelt 82
    William Howard Taft 39
    Woodrow Wilson 44
    Warren G. Harding 6
    Calvin Coolidge 50
    Herbert C. Hoover 37
    Franklin D. Roosevelt 635
    Harry S. Truman 250
    Dwight D. Eisenhower 181
    John F. Kennedy 21
    Lyndon B. Johnson 30
    Richard M. Nixon 43
    Gerald R. Ford 66
    James E. Carter 31
    Ronald Reagan 78
    George H. W. Bush 46
    William J. Clinton 17
    George W. Bush 0

    The total number of presidential vetoes is 2,550. Regular vetoes number 1,484. Pocket vetoes number 1,066. Only 106 vetoes have been overridden.

    Those Bush Vetoes

    Only eight presidents never vetoed a single bill: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, James A. Garfield, and George W. Bush.

    The facts are facts. They’re doing a pathetic job at doing it. If you READ Obama’s platform posted on his website, the man proposes nothing more than a bunch of socialist, no communist, big government drivel.

    Who do you think pays for all of it? The tooth fairy??? No, it comes on the back of American labor but you dems aren’t bright enough to see it.

    You see the same junk from Sam Hart, Lonzy, Bert and Joe. They pass a budget to be in compliance wwith state law, then promise to add supplemental spending. They’re economic cowards who will do anything to destroy peoples lives for their own power. You’re either a total fool or a hypocrite if you buy into their drivel. Consider your own leadership locally

    They’ve destroyed the city of Macon and want to extend it to suburbia. Time to wake up and stop the bleeding!!!!

  4. albert says:

    What presidential vetoes are you referring too. Would to God that this man would veto some trash legislation!!

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