Chris Krok

Ah, I misspelled his name yesterday. That’s Chris Krok on the radio in Macon on WMAC — formerly of WSB in Atlanta.

I do hope they pick him. He’s been very entertaining in the mornings and while I enjoy doing the show, I cannot do it full time given my full time job. This guy has been a blast.


  1. What was Chris Krok saying today about a lady who is a “bully” on the macon city council and another person who is “an angry white man” on the macon city council. I caught the very tail end of the discussion this morning on WMAC AM940, and so I really wish I had turned on my radio sooner so I could have heard exactly what they were talking about.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Ah, Chris Krok, I have heard him before on WSB. He was horrible, and I think they replaced him with Herman Cain. I hated everything about his show, even the bumper music.

    So WSB to WMAC in 2 years? I see his career is still a meteoric rise to the stratosphere of talk radio.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    He’s a very nice, polite young man, even if it was pretty obvious he’d signed some kinda “locked lip” agreement upon leaving the Cox Plantation. And I did have to tell him who Wyche Fowler was at a party recently, but I’ll overlook that; Wyche is one of our, umm, “older” politicians, and Krok is still young. Whether he’s good or bad on-air (can’t say I’ve ever once caught a show of his), he’s got what everyone needs in a burgeoning media career — youthiness. Or at least the air of such about him.

  4. albert says:

    He was over the edge, but it was good to finally hear someone point out one of the key problems in our local government. I didn’t necessarily agree with the way he embellished beating on the Councilwoman, but the issue was valid.

    There is a lot of corruption in both the City and County government that still exists, even after the overhaul Macon went through. Until it is all stamped out, shining the light on these things should be a priority of the traditional media (I’m not holding my breath) and the new media (blogs and talk radio).

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