1. BobG says:

    The hornets’ nest continues to stir over the plan to open a crematory on Hwy. 78 in Snellville near a couple of subdivisions. The swarm has several Council members ducking for cover and looking for someone to blame.

    The AJC reports that Warren Auld has called for a formal investigation, although there isn’t any authorization in the charter for one. Meanwhile, official `deep thinker` and moral compass Robert Jenkins is hoping for a scapegoat, even if it is a city employee. From the AJC:

    “”More than 150 residents gathered in Snellville Sunday, collecting money to hire an attorney.

    “If they can get organized they probably will sue us,” [Councilmember Robert] Jenkins said. “They’ve got a point. The city would be hard pressed to say we don’t have any fault here.”

    Technically, there is no fault. Through the lack of express prohibition, the city allows a crematory to operate in the zoning designation for the subject property. Further, the non-residential use fronts Hwy. 78, where it should be.

    If the city wants to now change the zoning to prohibit crematoria or to require a `special use` permit, it can do so. But this one is a done deal; as legal as it can be.

    I don’t need a special citizens committee investigation to figure out what happened here.

    First, the backwoods clowns on the Council– Robert Jenkins, Warren Auld, Kelly Kautz and, formerly, Bruce Garraway– made employment in Snellville so unbearable for our former Planning Director that she quit. The city has operated for months without an experienced replacement.

    The city’s development ordinances are currently in the hands of a young, decent but terribly inexperienced and apparently inept individual. It probably did not cross his mind that a crematory so close to highly-excitable and grossly ignorant homeowners might cause a problem.

    Because of his youth and inexperience, he probably also doesn’t understand that he is about to be thrown under the bus by unprincipled politicians looking to deflect criticism from their own incompetence. Our young, ACTING planning director is about to experience a hard lesson in life, I fear.

    You may remember that the same Council cabal made public service so unpleasant for City Manager Jeff Timler that he tendered his resignation. Auld, Jenkins, Kautz and Garraway were so petty that they even refused to complete a simple evaluation form, as required by Timler’s contract.

    If I recall correctly, we lost the Economic Development director at about the same time, and for many of the same reasons.

    They also ran off the City Attorney who, according to those who would know, was an extremely intelligent and knowledgeable individual. The new City Attorney is reportedly just as sharp, which explains why Jenkins, Kautz and Auld are already regretting their vote for him.

    So while the boobs on the Council scramble to find someone to take the fall on the crematory, Snellville voters would be wise to recognize the “brain drain” that is occurring in Snellville city government.

    The idiots are running the asylum. And pretty soon, there will be nothing left but idiots.

  2. You don’t need a special citizens committee because you don’t LIVE in Snellville, you jacka$$.

    From the AJC: “Councilman Tod Warner, former chairman of the planning commission, said he has known since last year about the wording of the zoning ordinance that allows for a crematory.

    “I’ll take the heat on this one. This is my fault.”

    Warner said an attorney cautioned him on the loophole, but he never expected one to pop up.”

    Go ahead, Bondage Bob. Write another post explaining why this is all the fault of the council members who aren’t Jerry’s hand-picked lapdogs. Better yet, why don’t you move out of your mother’s basement and buy a house in Snellville? Then you’d at least have a reason to pay attention to what’s going on in the city.


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