SD-50: Perdue is neutral

Sonny Perdue says he is neutral in the runoff in SD-50:

In the July 15 Republican primary, state Sen. Nancy Schaefer of Turnerville finished second to Jim Butterworth in the District 50 race — not a good sign for any incumbent.

Looking toward the Aug. 5 run-off, Schaefer — who registers strongly among conservative Christians — put out a flyer that tied her to Sonny Perdue, who remains a strong, popular figure among Republicans, with a quote from the governor: “Nancy Schaefer is a strong voice in the Senate for northeast Georgia and I count on her integrity and commitment in the state Senate.”

That sounds like an endorsement. But on Thursday, on Martha Zoller’s WDUN radio show, Perdue denied choosing sides. He didn’t deny the statement — just the endorsement.


  1. Howard Roark says:

    The story was the lead on WNEG TV this evening. The last two election cycles (04 and 06) I voted for the incumbent however this cycle I will be voting for Jim Butterworth along with 6 members of my family. My reasoning is because Jim is a proven leader of men in the military, presently serves as Commission Chairman of the Habersham Board of Commissioners and he has run an issues oriented campaign. The clincher for me was when the incumbent decided to run for Congress against one of the finest congressmen we have in DC today. Then she backed out of the race and jumped back into the senate race. If you look on her website today her contact email address is

    Email Address: [email protected]

    Jim is a well rounded leader who will serve all the people of the 50th district well.

  2. John Douglas says:


    Just to clarify your military comment, no one has been more supportive of the military or helped me more on Veteran’s related issues than Nancy Schaefer. She has traveled with me to visit Georgia National Guard soliders patrolling the border in New Mexico, supported every piece of legislation we have presented to benefit our young soldiers and Vets and (out of the spotlight) attended with me two soldier funerals in the 50th District.

    Sen John Douglas, Chairman, Veterans, Military and Homeland Security Committee, GA State Senate

  3. HLittle says:

    Hello Sen. Douglas:
    I failed to read into Mr. Roark’s comment anything questioning Mrs. Schaefer’s commitment to the military. However, one would think that someone with military experience would be at least as supportive, if not more so, of military issues as the incumbent. Jim’s experience as a B-1 bomber pilot would also lead me to believe that you might find him a particularly knowledgeable ally in your very honorable work for the members of our military.

  4. John Douglas says:

    HLittle: I certainly would not challenge Butterworth’s service to our country or potential service to veterans or our military as a Senator. I only stated that Nancy too has been a great benefit to our military folks.

    Bill Simon: You show a lot of class my friend. Real class.

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