My turn

Chris got to draw first blood on Elaine Lucas this morning over this article. The summary is short: the police department reassigned the captain at the First Precinct, which covers the ward Elaine Lucas represents. He apparently whined to Elaine who has sought to hold investigative hearings on the transfer.

The fact that personnel issues are totally outside the purview of the City Council does not matter one whit to Elaine. As Rev. Charles Jones on city council said, Council is not in the business of transfers, but that leaves Elaine unbothered.

I can’t really add to what Chris said this morning, except this: I have found that on council a lot of members accuse others of their own sins and act by their own world view. For example, when one member of Council believes they are indispensable, they project on to others the same. No member of Council and no member of the police department is indispensable. That’s a fact you can take to the bank.


  1. Tinkerhell says:

    …got to draw first blood…

    More like he tore a new one in her. I was laughing my head off this morning at am940’s stand in. Though I missed you being on air Erick. Having you agreed to a full time position with the station or what? 🙂

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