Grand jury tells incompetent Clayton County DA Jewel Scott to go pound sand


A grand jury cleared three Clayton County police officers in a fatal, prostitution-sting shooting. The grand jury heard testimony and reviewed evidence — including a patrol car’s dashboard video of the March 2007 death — for about four hours, before returning a no-bill, rejecting all possible charges, from murder to reckless conduct.

Finally, some people have shown some sanity in Clayton County. But what was incompetent DA Jewel Scott’s reaction?

The district attorney, who is in a run-off race for re-election to her second term, could not be reached for comment.

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  1. Icarus says:

    I believe we had a thread last week where the DA accused her challenger of being a “hanging judge”.

    What other place in this state can you run a campaign where you promise to be soft on crime, and still get elected.

    Has anyone found those nuke codes yet?

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