Another Erroneous Endorsement

Nancy Schaefer claims Sonny endorsed her.

Sonny told Martha Zoller he did not endorse Nancy.

From a Butterworth press release:

Concerning Schaefer’s mailer, the Governor Perdue said, “It was unfortunate. I have not had any conversation with either of the three candidates regarding any kind of endorsements. Some people felt like I had chosen sides. It was not the case. It is not the case today.”

When pressed further by Martha Zoller if he had inserted himself in the race or endorsed anyone in the 50th Senate District race, the Governor responded emphatically, “Absolutely not.”


  1. Howard Roark says:

    The story was the lead on WNEG TV this evening. The last two election cycles (04 and 06) I voted for the incumbent however this cycle I will be voting for Jim Butterworth along with 6 members of my family. My reasoning is because Jim is a proven leader of men in the military, presently serves as Commission Chairman of the Habersham Board of Commissioners and he has run an issues oriented campaign. The clincher for me was when the incumbent decided to run for Congress against one of the finest congressmen we have in DC today. Then she backed out of the race and jumped back into the senate race. If you look on her website today her contact email address is

    Email Address: [email protected]

    Jim is a well rounded leader who will serve all the people of the 50th district well.

  2. NorthaAtlantaTradeSchool says:


    Dick Pettys of Insider Advantage quoted Perdue and reports “I trust the people of the Senate district to make their decisions. I don’t think they need a governor from middle Georgia trying to tell them how to make these decisions. I know I had a few phone calls over a mail-out that was done.”

    “It was unfortunate. I had not had any conversations with either of the candidates-either of the three candidates-and some people felt I had chosen sides and it was not the case and it’s not the case today.” he said.

    The question was raised a few minutes later in the program by a caller, and Perdue reiterated that he had “absolutely not” endorsed anyone in the race. “If I were up there, I could be a little offended if the Governor was trying to tell me how to elect my legislative representative.”

    This story has legs if Insider Advantage is running with it.

  3. chattaelauchee says:

    funny thing is that habersham tried to succeed from the state several years ago; they are getting better and not so wacko, and so maybe the governor wants to stay out of it for that reason?

  4. Jane says:

    Nancy is a strong long time conservative who did a great deal to help Purdue get elected in 2002. It was her research into the problems at DFAC that gave Purdue an opening during the debate against Barnes. Remember Barnes’s response to the problems at DFAC was that a few deaths in Foster care was unavoidable. The research Purdue used to prove that the department was mismanaged and the deaths were avoidable was Nancy Schaefer’s.

    Now, when Nancy continues to go after the entrenched worker at DFAC, Purdue decided he does not need critics of his career government employees. Butters is a good man, but he is a piker who does nothing for the conservative movement. He may eventually work his way from the backbench, but not for a while. Nancy on the other hand is already a leader in reforming the government. The only problem I have with her is that she supported Whitehead and probably Fleming.

  5. jsm says:

    Wow. These two are blowing it out against each other on Martha’s radio show right now. This is entertaining.

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