“Wall Street Got Drunk” Slurs W

That W sure is a funny guy in a financial crisis! Here’s video (from unknown sources) of him yapping about how “Wall Street got drunk” at a recent, pricey Houston fundraiser July 18th.

If Wall Street was so wasted, makes you wonder who was throwing the party, eh? And to think this clown wanted to hand ’em Social Security too.

Now I wanna know what Bush was babbling on about, no doubt as incoherently as he did in Houston, at his yesterday, pricey Atlanta fundraiser. Anyone rolling with their wee little cams there in Buckhead yesterday? (And on the 8th day, God gave us YouTube…)

Make watching the little mystery-source vid clip a drinking game: chug when you see the glassy-eyed sycophants standing off to the side. Talk about too hungover to do anything but smile and nod.


  1. atlantaman says:

    We all know how to read the Drudge report and don’t need you redundantly linking national news items berating Bush or praising Obama on this lil’ ol’ Georgia website.

  2. TPNoGa says:

    I thought this site was about Georgia politics. How does this meet the mission of the site?

  3. Chris says:

    Considering that while Wall Street might be drunkards, Congress is full of child molesters, frauds, rapists, and murders.

    I’ll trust my Soc Sec money any day to the criminals like Pelosi, Reid, Boenher, Lott, Delay, Linder, Kingston, Price, Westmoreland, Gingrey, and at least one other.

    The whole lot of them need to go.

    If they were drowning, and I had a rope in my hands, the only ones I’d toss it to would be Colburn, Pence, Flake and maybe Broun. The rest can drown and the country would be better off.

  4. Rogue109 says:

    I thought this site was about Georgia politics. How does this meet the mission of the site?

    Oh! You ARE new, aren’t you? No, SpaceyG believes that since every one of her online “ventures” has failed that she should pleasure us with her inane ravings. Just wait until she starts talking about her “bigoted” family in South Carolina again…it’s a hoot!

    And, to answer your other question that is no doubt started to bubble up, medical records indicate that, point in fact, SpaceyG is NOT transgendered. Shocking, I know.

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