Is Broun Out of Money?

Roll Call is reporting:

Having nearly expended his annual office budget by midyear, sources said on Tuesday that Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) may be forced to seek assistance to manage the office’s day-to-day functions. At the same time, Broun’s office said it was unaware of any problems.

According to Roll Call, the Congressman has spent nearly half of his $1.38 million office budget on letters, phone messages, and other communications to constituents (franking).

He was, I maintain, smart to do so in order to build up his name identification against Barry Fleming while low in the coffers at the campaign office.

Nonetheless, it could put him in a bind.

HIs office, for what it’s worth, says there is no problem. John Boehner’s office says it is aware of a potential problem and will help out as needed.


  1. drjay says:

    “He was, I maintain, smart to do so in order to build up his name identification against Barry Fleming while low in the coffers at the campaign office”

    it shouldn’t matter in this district since it should go gop regardless–but it could be an issue under different circumstances–and you are advocating campaigning on the taxpayers ime basically–am i reading that right-i wonder if he asked his 4 question test before he sent out franked mail???-if i were running against him the inability to keep a budget at his congressional office would dovetail nicely w/ the personal financial issues of his past…

  2. Chris says:

    You don’t have to help 600,000 or so Americans deal with the impenetrable mess that is the US Government.

    Its still a kushy budget.

  3. atlantaman says:


    He was only smart in a Clintonian, lack of scruples, sort of way. I thought he was a borderline libertarian?

    It’s beyond hypocritical for this guy to sanctimoniously speak of his 4-question test, the Constitution, and how federal spending is beyond control and then be one of the biggest direct mail spenders in the entire House of Representatives. Having already blown through his house budget. Heaven forbid this guy ever get on a budget committee.

  4. atlantaman says:


    Since he’s almost out of his annual money with 1/2 the year to go, I’d say he spends quite a bit more than the average member of Congress. The interesting bit is he was as out of control with his spending last year, but it was not as noticeable since he had a full year budget on a 1/2 year in office.

    The irony is a guy like Mr. Constitution Broun ought to be spending substantially less than the average Member of Congress.

    It just demonstrates how quick he is to sell out his values if his place in Congress might be in jeopardy. It’s easy, in a conservative district, to vote against boobies and federal spending. He seems to grow spineless quickly when it comes to managing his own office and staying in power.

  5. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I do not necessarily approve of how Broun has spent his congressional budget. When his campaign, much like Tom Price and Nathan Deal’s campaigns, foot the bill for direct mail consulting and then have the congressional office pay for the mail…that is just self serving.

    On the other hand, good constituent services cost money. So many of us whine about or representatives being in DC and spending no time back home. Well, you can not have your cake and eat it too without budgets like this. It can be spent more wisely and more ethically though.

    Tip of the Hat, by the way, to Jack Kingston for having some of the best constituent services in all of Congress.

  6. atlantaman says:

    The man has blown through his budget during an election year, it’s has nothing to do with constituent services.

  7. atlantaman says:

    “”We’ve got to change that mentality,” said Rep. Broun, a hard-line foe of spending who this month won his primary in a district that stretches from Athens to Augusta.

    “I want to leave dollars in people’s pockets, not bring them pork,” said Broun of his pledge not to ask for projects or appropriations.”

    Quotes like this from Broun seem to ring hollow when it’s revealed how quick he becomes the franking king when things get a little desperate on the election front.

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