I Want A Job Running Any Authority In DeKalb, Fulton, Or Atlanta

Any Job.  Really, it doesn’t matter which one.  Marta, Grady, heck, put me in charge of sanitation.  I don’t care.  Don’t worry about my qualifications, because the person I’m replacing apparently didn’t have any either.  Just make sure I get the severence package that Pam Stephenson got from Grady, or Richard J. McCrillis got from Marta. 

I promise to do some traveling to conferences around the country, learn why Atlanta’s infrastructure isn’t working, hire a few relatives, plea for state funds that will be totally unaccounted for, and then bail with a nice parachute.  I promise to leave things even more messed up for the next guy/gal, so that they can demand and even bigger severance package when they sign on, thus continuing this circle of life.


  1. jillchambers says:

    Ah, authorities….

    Authorities are now subject to audit by the state. Many thanks to Senator Chip Rogers for allowing me to amend his SB300 (with much of the language from my vetoed HB 91). No more cooking the books for the Jekyll Island Authority…

    New cities can create Development Authorities – good thing that a bill to allow Development Authorities to conduct business in secret died in House Rules earlier this year. Thanks Earl!

    Too bad some Authority Boards, like MARTA and Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority, have been conducting business behind closed doors. The bill to increase the penalty for secret actions did not make it out of committee this session. Perhaps next year it will get another chance because continued willful violations of the Open Meetings Act must be stopped!

    To learn more about Authorities, start here:
    (hat tip to journalist David Pendered at the AJC for suggesting this as a starting point)


  2. Game Fan says:

    “Authorities” ain’t necessarily “experts”. Even “experts’ are damn fools half the time. Too stuck in their disciplines to really know anything. And touting BS for the Mowsa on the corporate plantation. If you want to know their views just look at their portfolio, see who’s cutting the checks and follow the bag man home.

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