Are Roy Barnes And DeKalb County Circumventing Open Records Laws?

The AJC has this story today about Roy Barnes filing another lawsuit to stop the City of Dunwoody.   DeKalb Commissioners have voted 5-2 to stop the additional lawsuit for a few weeks.  One of the sticking points is that, although Barnes was hired in April 2007, he has yet to bill Dekalb county for his legal services to date. 

Why would an attorney working an active case hold bills back for 16 months and counting?  My guess is that his fees are not subject to open records request. 

Even more troubling, however, is that Barnes was hired without the knowledge of the full board of commissioners.  It seems that North and Central DeKalb Commissioners Elaine Boyer and Burrell Ellis, were intentionally kept in the dark with regards to Barnes hiring. 

There seems to be a fundamental problem here.  Hiring an attorney to act on behalf of a government, which is acting on behalf of the people it serves, should not be a secretive process.   How much the people of Dekalb are spending to sue some of the people of Dekalb should be public knowledge.  Immediately. 


  1. fishtail says:

    Icarus…you better watch out…if Roy Barnes finds out your real name he might sue you, too.

  2. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Wow, thought I was banned…couldn’t log on for the longest time 😉

    Anyway, I was once sued by the Barnes law firm for a parking lot fender bender. Guy claimed back and neck injuries even though he wasn’t even in his car. Obviously, the suit never made it to court. So much for being a public interest attorney Mr. Barnes.

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