Ralston v. Richardson a campaign issue?

One Democrat thinks so:

(7/22/08) The Democrat hoping to unseat Republican Rep. James Mill in November in HD 25 says he’ll vote for David Ralston as Speaker of the House against Glenn Richardson if he gets that chance. It’s the first sign we’ve seen so far that Democrats may be hoping to use the pending fight among Republicans in their fall campaigns.

Chris Strickland, a 33-year-old teacher from Flowery Branch, commented over the weekend, just hours after Ralston confirmed rumors that he planned to challenge Richardson for the gavel when House Republicans gather following the general election to nominate their candidate for the post.

Ralston told Insider last week that if he loses in the caucus, he will not continue the fight to the floor of the Legislature in January where all House members get to vote for the presiding officer. The minority party always raises a token challenge. Past efforts to forge a bipartisan coalition behind a challenger have failed.

Nevertheless, Strickland circulated a press release over the weekend in which he said, “I will support any North Georgia representative, Republican or Democrat, that challenges Speaker Richardson. The House leadership is broken.”

Mills, chairman of the House Banks and Banking Committee, was noncommittal when The Gainesville Times asked him who he would support in the Speaker’s race.

I don’t think the primary results provide any guidance as to how the Speaker is playing out there. Jeff Lewis lost but Amos Amerson won. I’m told Amerson said point blank he supported Richardson. Who knows if the Speaker was a factor in either race.

James Mills is not in much danger but I wonder if he’ll be forced to declare his intentions vis-a-vis the Speaker. As Drudge might say: “developing….”


  1. concernedhall says:

    Of course Mills didn’t take a stance. He never takes a stance. I have been waiting for somebody to run against this guy forever. You know how Mills will vote. Hell, he gave Richardson over 10,000 dollars just to be chairman.

    The problem with Mills is South Hall is scared to death of this guy. I would campaign for this Strickland, but the backlash in the business and banking community is just too much to overcome.

    Richardson and Mills are the most vindictive people in the world. I bet that is why Mills voted against the Gainesville College money. He better watch out though. If he keeps up those non-committal remarks like the ones from Saturday, Richardson will gut him like a fish. That sucker will be telecommuting from Macon.

  2. HankRearden says:

    ATLman, no one is scared to death of Rep Mills. Concerned is just chicken sh1+. James is one of the best Reps at the Gold Dome and he serves his constituents well.

  3. jsm says:

    newday and concerned, you guys are nothing more than liars trying to pimp your candidate who wants to (1) throw more money at education while requiring no accountability and (2) have the feds choose a standard nationwide curriculum for schools.

    No one in South Hall is scared of Mills. Anyone who has met him knows he’s one of the nicest guys on the planet. Vindictive? You’re gonna get laughed off this board with ludicrous statements like that.

    You’re in a losing battle, and your silly little tactics aren’t gonna help.

  4. newdayinga says:


    I am concerned about the name calling. I don’t think Dr. Strickland would approve of you using that kind of language. However, I agree that Richardson has proved his vindictiveness. One look at what happened to Doug Collins last year shows just what happens when you cross the speaker.

    As for Mr. Mills, I think you are right that he will vote for Richardson. He needs to standup and say so.

    JSM ,

    You are still smarting over that butt whipping you took from Strickland on WDUN.

    He didn’t say anything about throwing money at education and he has called for some pretty heavy accountability reforms for school teachers.

    What he said was (and I have the tape), that we have to stop the unfunded mandates to education. These shift the burden to local property taxes. In Hall County this year, we had over a 1 million dollar shift from the state to the local. That isn’t even counting the unfunded pay raise that the Governor gave.

    And as for the national curriculum, don’t you think that a diploma in GA should be as good as one from NY. Why would you expect less from a students just because he lives in a different state?

    And you need to stop the name calling too. That is twice you have called me a pimp. I am 54 years old and do not appreciate you using language like that. I am sure that a good Christian man like Mr. Mills would have a problem with that word also. You will be in my prayers.

  5. BSanders says:

    Mills is an ineffective legislator. What has he done to “serve his constituents”? I can think of a couple things he’s done to DISservice them (I’m familiar with his voting record).
    Go ahead, throw a couple good things he’s done, and I’ll try to match you point for point.

  6. Rogue109 says:

    Damn, I just put it up a few minutes ago on the front page. Sorry, I didn’t see this first.

  7. Icarus says:

    I also had it up there for about 20 seconds.

    It’s front page worthy, I just wasn’t sure what, if anything, I wanted to say about it. Still not, for that matter.

  8. Howard Roark says:

    I hope the speaker runs for governor. Another democrat from North Georgia said the speaker could be beat if they took it to the house in January

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