Prevent Child Abuse – Buy Some Cool Art!

Please come to a silent art auction this week to benefit Fulton County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) volunteers. Stop by on your way home from work!

WHERE: July 25 & 26 from 5-9pm
WHERE: 120 Ralph McGill Blvd. Suite 1312, Atlanta. FREE PARKING!

CASA is an amazing, child-advocacy, all-vol program that really does work. And one that is desperately needed for the innocent and helpless children who populate the Fulton County juvenile court system, the baffling place families inevitably end-up in when children are neglected and abused, often horrendously at the hands of their own family members.

When CASA vols are there in the courtroom advocating for these innocent, beautiful children, the kids stand a much better chance of surviving the hell of not only the court system they get tossed, bewildered again, into, but they also stand a much better chance of surviving the hell of their lives with some hope of humanity still ingrained in their little beings. (Humanity often being the very first thing that’s beaten out of an abused and neglected child. It would be gone in an instant except for the restorative powers of a CASA volunteer.)

Wish you could see these CASA vols in action! They are true heroes. Not only to the community, but to the helpless children of often-horrible cases of child abuse… and that’s where it matters the most.

Please come and give what you can.