Incompetent Clayton County DA Jewel Scott can’t even get her office’s conviction rate correct

One week into a runoff campaign, the two candidates for Clayton County District Attorney are hitting hard, galvanized in aggressive opposition. Incumbent District Attorney Jewel Scott sent out a mailer calling her opponent, Juvenile Court Judge Tracy Graham Lawson, a “hanging judge.” Lawson accused Scott, who is black, of “race baiting” and “lies.”

Here’s the best part, though:

[Clayton DA Jewel Scott’s] campaign mailer, sent out right before the July 15 election, claims Scott’s experience includes “a 100% conviction rate for murder, rape, child abuse and child molestation cases.”

Reaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy? 100%, you say? The Messiah should have her as Attorney General, then! Is that really true?

When pressed, Scott rephrased the 100 percent claim, saying instead, “Our conviction rate is solid. There are periods where we’ve had 100 percent or 90 percent … We’ve been severely hampered by the lack of personnel. We’ve seen a huge increase in crime, and I inherited a backlog of cases.”

For the love of all that is good and right in the world, Clayton County voters: get rid of this embarrassing woman on August 5 during the runoff.