Add the Baker County Sheriff’s race to those which have a touch of the “crazy.”

Baker County Sheriff Isaac Anderson was removed from office earlier this week, and had his duties assumed by county coroner Andy Belinc, after Anderson lost his P.O.S.T. Certification.

Now, Anderson’s attorney is trying to get his client back on the ballot for the fall by saying that while he was properly disqualified from office (and even though said disqualification still exists), that the law doesn’t prevent him from running again.

Baker Probate Judge Angel Hendricks, who is also Supervisor of Elections, disagrees.

The whole story about yet another bizarre situation involving a Sheriff in Georgia can be read here, courtesy of the Albany Herald.


  1. The Comma Guy says:

    The problem is that to be Sheriff in Georgia, you have to be POST certified. Having lost his POST certification, Anderson has to get his certification back before he can be Sheriff again, even if he wins the election.

  2. drjay says:

    can’t anyone pretty much be elected sherriff and then get the cert w/in a certain time frame…unless losing the cert specifically disqualifies him it seems like he could run and then use the grace period to attempt to recert–no???

  3. The Comma Guy says:

    If you’ve never had the certification you’re right. You can get it after the fact. However, since he had it and lost it, he can’t go back and get it again. It would be similar applying for a driver’s license by taking the tests and class after losing your driver’s license for 3 DUI’s in 5 years.

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