School districts’ suit claims state funding insufficient

A Fulton County Judge will hear this case, so you know that some “inventive” law will be the result.

A lawsuit that says that Georgia fails to provide enough money so school districts can provide an adequate education will be heard in Fulton County Superior Court Tuesday. A consortium of 51 mostly rural school districts filed the suit in 2004 arguing that a lack of state money has caused poor student achievement. If a judge rules in their favor, Georgia could be forced to spend more on education or change the way it distributes money among the state’s 180 school districts. Tuesday’s hearing focuses on a motion for summary judgment filed by the state attorney general’s office. Summary judgment allows a court to make a decision without the case going to trial. The plaintiffs, the Consortium for Adequate School Funding in Georgia, argue summary judgment is not appropriate because many facts are in dispute. If the attorney general’s motion is denied, the trial is scheduled to begin Oct. 21.


  1. When are the folks in the executive & legislative branches going to realize that the judicial branch doesn’t have the power to force them to do ANYTHING? “The Fulton County Judge has made his decision; now let him enforce it!”

  2. Rpolitic says:

    Hey does anyone know if Cherokee ever joined this suit. At one point the Super wanted to join the smaller counties and sue the state. Just wondering if he ever figured out that Cherokee was a donor county already and would have to give more if these loons win.

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