Camden County voter “irregularities”?

The District Attorney seems to think so

The district attorney is investigating an undisclosed number of voter irregularities in Camden County relating to ballots and possible voter fraud during the advance voting period and the time leading up to the primary on Tuesday, July 15. Stephen Kelley, district attorney for the Brunswick Judicial Circuit, would not release specific details, but did state that there is currently an ongoing preliminary investigation. Camden Elections Superintendent Martin Gillette said Wednesday that he was very pleased with the smoothness of operation surrounding the voting day and results Tuesday, but he did hear of some issues that arose during the advance voting week last week. Gillette, like Kelley, would not comment on any specifics.


  1. Game Fan says:

    “Voting irregularities” is just one of the more visible signs of how these collective morons operate. And our country has a non-stop tradition of voter fraud. This is a prime example of what happens when politicians, bureaucrats, sociopaths, crooks and liars and spineless scum get together and too many pussies don’t do anything about it.

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