Who knew it was this difficult?

Maybe the Mayor needs a nice relaxing massage to help think things through.

Writing legislation to regulate massage parlors in Macon is turning out to be more difficult than Mayor Robert Reichert initially thought.

After a series of sex-related arrests at local parlors, Reichert announced July 1 that he wanted to require anyone in the city who offers a massage for money to be licensed by the state as a massage therapist.

Now, Reichert said his ordinance – which sits in the city attorney’s office awaiting further input from the mayor – has become bogged down by the multiple ways in which legitimate massage-like services might be performed under another name.


  1. liberator says:

    Only a true Fascist would try to regulate this anyway. We have murders,robberies,copper thefts,etc.. on a daily basis and we will have to borrow from reserves to make city payroll in August and September and we waste time on this? We may soon be sued for Millions for the Gestapo tactics used by Macon PD in these raids

  2. Doug Deal says:

    How about offering massages for free, with an “optional” tip, or offering daily “memberships” in a club that just so happens to offer “free” massages as a benefit?

  3. Game Fan says:

    Geez. I’m all about stopping human trafficking, narcotics and illegals, but then again I’m for free enterprise and competition. Something about the “animating contest for freedom” tends to keep people away from the vice stuff some say.

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