The Atlanta Police Department: 2008

This is an officer with the Atlanta Police Department who was on patrol guarding the Brown Lot at Turner Field in Atlanta earlier this afternoon. The photo does not do justice to how truly large this man is…by the estimation of several in my group he tips the scales in excess of 300 pounds.

I post this not to embarrass this officer, but to point out that these are the standards for service in the Atlanta Police Department which are evidently acceptable to Chief Richard Pennington and Mayor Shirley Franklin.

Are there morbidly obese officers in other departments across Georgia? No doubt. Does that make it acceptable here? No. The only thing this leaves visitors to Turner Field knowing is that Atlanta is the city to busy to have professional standards for its law enforcement officers.


  1. rugby fan says:

    It really only matters if his job is normally on foot patrol or something requiring normal physical activity.

    If he is on desk patrol 225 days of the year, being rotund wouldn’t seem to impact his policing abilities.

  2. Rogue109 says:


    Being on desk patrol doesn’t mean that in emergencies you won’t be called out as an immediate force multiplier.

    As the photo shows, though, he wasn’t handling a desk earlier today…he was out among the public. How can he be expected to handle any emergency situation around Turner Field in the shape he’s in?

  3. Rogue109 says:

    HA! Good point (grin).

    I don’t think he’ll be the fastest gun in the area, though, and he might have trouble pivoting if there is a moving target!

    He just doesn’t seem to be (ahem) up to anything that would require any strenuous activity.

    I get your point, but even IF he is in control of a desk, that still isn’t acceptable as a public reflection of the APD when handling duties. The guy is P.O.S.T. certified, for Pete’s Sake, and it seems like the only thing he is qualified for is to guard a buffet.

  4. atlantaman says:

    All that really matters, as with every city of Atlanta employee, is that he remain thin enough to fit into the voting booth.

  5. Rogue109 says:

    LOL, I never said he would be an effective police officer if he was tasked to such an assignment.

  6. Rogue109 says:

    All that really matters, as with every city of Atlanta employee, is that he remain thin enough to fit into the voting booth.

    Well, if you look at the photo, he’s already wider than the door to the porta-potty he’s standing in front of.

  7. Pappy says:

    Funny how the picture was taken from such a cautious distance, given your low opinion of the man’s physical condition.

    Time to invest in a telephoto lens – or grow a pair.

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