Georgia low on family doctors

Maybe a massive, government run health care program can fix this.

This spring, 385 students graduated from Georgia’s medical schools, but only two of them chose to remain in the state to pursue a family medicine residency. Overall, 20 students, or 5 percent, chose to go into family medicine — half the number that it was just five years ago.

“The decline in the percentage of medical school graduates entering family medicine is cause for concern,” said Kelly McNamara, research and analysis manager at the Georgia Board for Physician Workforce.

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  1. The Comma Guy says:

    I know how to solve this problem! We can create a brand new, state-funded medical school whose mission is to fill the need! And we can put it in Athens and all the double Dawg docs will go to places like Baxley and Elberton after they graduate rather than joining practices in Gwinnett and Marietta. Afterall, that’s what the UGA law grads do, isn’t?

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