Linder, Westmoreland Vote Against Medicare Bill

This past Tuesday, while thousands of Georgians were voting in the General Primary Election, two Georgia Congressmen were voting against overriding the Bush veto of a Medicare bill that among other things eliminates a 10 percent cut in payments to doctors.

House Resolution 6331, the the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act, became law Tuesday after the House and Senate overrode President Bush’s veto of the legislation.

Two Georgia Republicans, John Linder and Lynn Westmoreland voted against the veto override [Source: United States House of Representatives, House Roll Call #491, July 15, 2008].

Doug Heckman, Linder’s opponent in the November General Election, praised the bill’s passage saying the measure protects millions of senior citizens and rural military families from losing the care of their physicians.

“Once again, Congressman Linder has no problem funding our soldiers in war, but refuses to fund their needs when they return home. Add this to his vote against the recently passed GI Bill and I see a poor policy trend,” Heckman said.


  1. Jason Pye says:

    Why didn’t all of our Congressmen vote against it? Good for these two guys.

    Something has to be done about entitlements, our economy will not be able to handle $49 trillion in liabilities and raising taxes simply isn’t the answer.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Niether are tax cuts for the rich that were supposed to “starve the beast”. The GOP has demonstrated this 25 year old Reagan-era argument to be nothing but hot air given the national GOP promptly ignored it as soon as they had the Presidency and Congressional majority to execute it—kinda like the state GOP and “local control”.

    I agree something needs to be done to reign in entitlements other than raise taxes, but including tax increases with benefit reductions and program changes is sensible fiscal conservatism.

  3. Taft Republican says:

    Both Senators voted for the override, too

    Both Senators need to be replaced, then.

    This is getting ridiculous. I thought they were supposed to be Republicans? LAME.

  4. Taft Republican says:

    “tax cuts for the rich” LOL

    “tax increases… is sensible fiscal conservatism” ROTF

    you crack me up

  5. jsm says:

    How is this supposed to work? The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 mandates Medicare cuts starting in 2002, but no one deals with how this will affect the availability of treatment. We just tell doctors that they will have to accept less for their services while we treat illegals for free, and then we go back on that word every year as the pressure builds. The bottom line is that government should not be paying doctors for civilian care. Government is not in the business of healing people.

    The proposed 10% cuts would have created additional problems for the healthcare industry. Is anyone proposing a workable solution to reform Medicare? This issue is going to continue to come up every year, and we’ll either cut physicians’ payments or delay the cuts and pay more. We need a better way. Switzerland may teach us something.

  6. Icarus says:

    “Switzerland may teach us something.”

    Here’s a chocolate bar to make you feel better, and a precise timepiece to let you know how many hours you’ve been waiting to be called.

    By the way, try this handy multi-tool knife to perform exploratory surgery on yourself while you wait.

  7. Doug Deal says:


    If anything, they should be accomplished surgeons. As their cheese has shown us, they are top notch at filling anything with holes.

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