I interrupt this discussion of Georgia issues . . .

The Dark Knight: holy cow. I’m at a loss for words on just how amazing it was. Truly one of the best scripted movies in several years. Heath Ledger does deserve an Oscar for a defining performance — so good, in fact, that I suspect it will be another 20 years before we see the Joker on the big screen again.

Just amazing. And yes, the red-wigged “hi” will linger in the back of your mind.


  1. The Driving Buddha says:

    Erick, I must agree. I left Dark Knight thinking, best comic book movie ever. They did it justice. That being said, for those that loved comics in the 80’s. Go early. See the preview for The Watchmen. I’m putting money on it now, that it blows Dark Knight away next year.

    Unrelated to this thread (forgive my hijacking) but I’ve taken it upon myself as interim Congressman from the 10th Congressional District by winning the Peach Pundit Basketball Bracket Thing to set up the Peach Pundit Fantasy Football League. I tweaked the rules from last year to make it somewhat competitive.


    There are nine slots left and its free. The league number is 19689 and the password is snuggles. Unless Jim wins the runoff, then the password will be Downy. Figure Martin needs his own fabric softner, too.

  2. Icarus says:

    Matt Towery’s polling numbers predicted a huge opening for the Dark Knight, and that the sun will rise in the East tomorrow, probably the next day as well.

  3. Game Fan says:

    He doesn’t look like a decent Joker in the previews. Then again Brad Pitt looked ridiculous in previews for “Troy” which turned out pretty good. And of course he died this past January, which leads to all types of speculation. Similar to Brandon Lee in “The Crow”. And I’m sure he caught a lot of guff for his role in “Brokeback Mountain”.

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