How the MSM Anti-Chambliss Story Will Start

The anti-Chambliss meme will start slow. First the media will remind voters of the anti-Cleland ad Chambliss ran. You know the one. Everyone on the left claims it compared Cleland to Bin Laden, even though it didn’t.

But the media will echo that sentiment.

They’ll remind voters about how close the race was in all the polls. They go on the attack over Chambliss’s attacks. The national press will pick up the story.

Then they’ll start innocently trying to give this story credibility. They’ll suggest that Chambliss stole the election with Diebold’s help.

That’s the way the media works these days. The media, you’ll note, is not treating this Raw Story article credibly right now. Instead, they are going to let it fester. Pretty soon, however, the Raw Story article will move beyond what is largely seen as a partisan operation designed to build an anti-conservative, anti-GOP narrative, and will make its way into alternative news publications.

After it has sat a while in those publications, the MSM will declare that it simply must investigate the charges since so many people have begun talking about it. And they’ll never actually deal with the substance. They’ll just touch it enough to get a taint of illegitimacy to Chambliss’s election right around mid-October.

That’s what those people do these days when their investigative journalists resign to run as far left Democrats for Congress.


  1. boyreporter says:

    “The media” — JamesStratfield — is the only profession that I know of where every yahoo not making a living at it and not trained in it thinks he knows all about it. Rugby nailed it: paranoia. The paranoid Right is a staple of what passes for a rational political system. And they just keep on keeping on…with blinders on, too. Thanks for the other reality check, Bobby K.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Given that monikers such a “Snuggles” have a place in this forum, henceforth Chambliss should be referred to as “Zaxby”. A chicken as a youth, he continues as such in birdbrained kowtowing to Bush and special interests.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Chambliss has a far more threatening problem than the ‘liberal’ media.

    His history of liberal votes, love of socialism and his cronism with Ted Kennedy.

    Chambliss stabbed every conservative in this state in the back.

    It won’t be forgotten in November.

    He is the worst US Senator from Georgia in my lifetime.

  4. fishtail says:

    Erick…are you on the Dem’s payroll? Why remind folks of how Saxby Chambliss kicked Max’s wheelchair off the political cliffs? It’s probably very appropriate to re-visit Saxby’s gutless battering of a man in a wheel chair who was a decorated war veteran. Saxby has to live with his past deeds. We all do.

  5. Harry says:

    Sooner or later you Dems are going to realize you can’t take Saxby from the right — not when his opponent will be Jim Martin or Snuggles.

  6. SpaceyG says:

    Erick hon, the “media” campaign has already begun. Now the problem becomes… just who are “the media” nowadays? What tail is wagging what dog? It’s not too hard to figure out really. If you’re not caught-up in wasting your precious bodily fluids (and resources) with silly plebeian partisan paranoia that is:

  7. Taft Republican says:

    IndyInjun is correct.

    I don’t see how any self-respecting Republican could vote for Zaxby. He abandoned us long long ago.

    We need a NOTA.

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