Rep. Lewis On Terror Watch List

It’s still causing him problems, evidently.

The 11-term Democrat wrote in a letter to the House Homeland Security Committee this week that he’s still subjected to repeated airport searches and required to provide multiple forms of identification. The problems persist even though he has tried for years to clarify that he’s not on the no-fly list, and despite efforts by the Homeland Security Department to improve its screening, he wrote.


  1. Terran1212 says:

    I believe he was a big supporter of the ANC’s efforts to uproot the Apartheid government and the US backed the Apartheid governmnet. That would probably not get him on the best of lists. That’s really f’ed up, but hey the country’s really f’ed up.

    I’m just saying this from reading this short snipet I haven’t investigated the real story.

  2. Chris says:

    I got a better idea, lets round up all 535 of the criminals and terrorists and send them to Gitmo.

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