1. Doug Deal says:

    Good job Bobby. You’re the first person to make a post whose title is longer than the content (21 v. 18 characters).

    It is just a little more jammed pack full of substance as the Democratic platform.

  2. Chris says:

    Seriously Bobby, couldn’t even do a google news search to substantiate your claim that Ralston is a tax cheat?

    That post is about as kosher as me saying “Bobby Kahn – child abuser”.

  3. Bobby Kahn says:

    The post has a lot going for it — especially the brevity.

    Even you boys should know Ralston’s history. Check out the AJC from April 29:

    “Rep. David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) has been hit with multiple state and federal tax liens while holding office. This month, Ralston paid the state $11,819 to settle delinquent 2006 personal income taxes, plus interest and penalties.

    In 2003, after the state threatened garnishment, Ralston paid another $36,880 in personal state income tax, plus interest and penalties, for 1999-2001.

    The IRS also came knocking on Ralston’s door. In 2007, Ralston paid the federal government $400,961 to cover delinquent personal income taxes, plus interest and penalties, covering a period from 1996 to 2005, according to documents filed in Fannin County Superior Court. He paid another $32,906 in federal withholding and Social Security taxes for his employees in 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Ralston, who has a law practice, said the back taxes stemmed from a dishonest bookkeeper who pleaded guilty to embezzling from him.

    ‘We have gone on and worked hard to get caught up,’ Ralston said. ‘People in public office are not immune to the problems that other people have. Ours just make the news.'”

    And yes, the article was about Democrats too. Finally, Ralston was up for US Attorney in 2001. My guess is his taxes had something to do with him not getting appointed.

  4. Dawgfan says:

    It sounds like he got behind on his taxes through no fault of his own. He accepted his responsibility and worked like hell to correct the problem. Not exactly a “tax cheat”. If I remember right his problem really stems from challenging the IRS on the amount he owed and when he lost they tagged him for all the time he challenged them. Which is typical of the IRS either bend to their will of face their rath.

    Anyway, at least he lives in his district unlike your candidate for Speaker.

  5. Rpolitic says:

    Hye Bobby my memory is a little fuzzy here but didn’t Roy have some tax problems with his hotels back in the early 90s?

    That could be a faulty wire in the memory but I am pretty sure that is what I remember. Didn’t Zell point that out?

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Farris Sez: “That post is about as kosher as me saying “Bobby Kahn – child abuser”.

    Farris, leave the determination of what is and what isn’t “kosher” to those of us closest to what kosher means. Like, for instance, Bobby Kahn and Bill Simon.

  7. Icarus says:

    Bobby Khan and his party have overseen their share of pork in their day. I’m not sure he has the best grasp on things that are Kosher.

  8. Rpolitic says:

    Bobby do you not remember your 1992 campaign and the “little” tax issue? Or should we just drop the subject all together?

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