More Bad News for Clayton County Sheriff

First, Clayton County Sheriff Victor “Walking Small” Hill learns on Tuesday that he’s facing a runoff. Now, at least one former employee who is suing him in Federal court is alleging that Sheriff Hill (who never met a subordinate he didn’t want to salute him), is bullying witnesses.

A former chief deputy has expanded his federal lawsuit against the Clayton County sheriff to include allegations of witness intimidation and obstruction of justice. William “Tee” Cassells filed suit against Sheriff Victor Hill in November, after he was fired in the middle of a scandal about an all-volunteer choir getting paid overtime. The amended complaint claims Hill has been trying to get around the federal hearing by bullying witnesses into silence. “Hill, in concert with his agents and representatives, has intimidated key witnesses by suspending, demoting or terminating their employment in order to dissuade them from testifying,” the suit claims. According to the federal court filing, eight sheriff’s office employees suffered reprisals after they testified truthfully at a civil service board hearing. During the hearing, which happened over four, non-consecutive days, witnesses were allegedly demoted during lunch hour. After showing up under subpoena, a single mother was transferred to the graveyard shift, and the second-in-command, who replaced Cassells, said he feared he’d be punished for his testimony — and then, was demoted.

Clayton County, you’ll get a chance to end this nightmare (and the one in the Office of the District Attorney), on August 5.


  1. liberator says:

    Voters who vote for Hill are imbeciles no doubt. The Pink Pony South will soon win millions from Hill in their federal harrasment lawsuit against him.

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