Loose Nukes = Sam Nunn?

Saw the “Loose Nukes” Obama (paid) media ad tonight on Georgia Big TV somewhere. You can see it here. It’s running in 18 states now, Georgia being one of ’em. All this “loose nukes” stuff is straight out of the Sam Nunn playbook/movie.

So Martha, I’ll wager one whole dollar that Obama’s going with Nunn for Veep. And I’ll bet Rove is kicking somebody to the curb about right now. Or would be, except Rove is moreorless unemployed at the moment. Afterall, Rove could have had someone mock W up touring some recyclables-as-WMD, moreorless what Obama does here.

But the best Rove ever came up with was that Katrina flyover snapshot – the media that tanked an entire administration. I tell you people, Obama peeps really are the sharpest knives in the overall media ’08 drawer. A more engaged electorate demands… a much more sophisticated media buy.


  1. Taft Republican says:

    OK… that ad was as empty as his speeches. I didn’t think you could boil down 30 minutes of empty Obama rhetoric and platitudes to 30 seconds, but boy, these guys are some sharp knives. Really, if it weren’t for the fact that McCain’s drawer is full of knives as dull as he is, Obama wouldn’t stand a chance. As it is, people like McCain and Luger are killing the GOP, and Obamacons get to mop up the mess.

    And… Sam Nunn is still alive? Cool, that would be almost as good as Bush picking Cheney.

  2. chattaelauchee says:

    Obama knows more about loose nukes and the NPT than a lot of people think, thanks to his friend across the isle, dick lugar, whom i suspect had a lot to do with obama’s getting on the senate foreign relations cmte in the first place.

    so, does he really need sam nunn?

  3. c_murrayiii says:

    This is my first post on Peach Pundit, but one thing I have notcied over the last few weeks is that SpaceyG here is living in Obama fantasy land, especially when it comes to GA. Sam Nunn, like pretty much everything else Obama and the Dems try, is not gonna turn GA Blue this fall. Sam Nunn is old news and his abundance of experience would only serve to highlight Obama’s utter lack of experience and accomplishments. If thats what you dems are going for, by all means, go ahead and further undermine the most unqualified candidate for President in the last 100 years.

  4. jsm says:

    “A more engaged electorate demands… a much more sophisticated media buy.”

    Do you mean the “American Idol” couch potatoes that get whipped up by emotional liberal speeches devoid of sound principle?

  5. atlantaman says:

    Because chirpping out inane platitudes like “Change” and “Together we can make a difference” speaks to such a sophisticated audience.

  6. MidtownTraffic says:

    Uno – Sam Nunn is so out of practice when it comes to campaigning it would be a huge mistake to toss him in a 24 hour campaign cycle spotlight.

    Dos – Chevron, Chevron, Chevron. “Senator Nunn as a member of the board of directors for Chevron could you please explain to the American people why gasoline is $4 a gallon?”

    Tres – Karl Rove got his man elected to the big house for 8 years. Hate him all you want ( like some hate Carville and will soon hate Axelrod ) but their political success should be studied by serious politial junkies. Last time I saw him on Fox he looked to have a nice suit and to be enjoying it all.

  7. CHelf says:

    I would really like to know the polling numbers on Nunn’s name ID outside of GA. Would Nunn truly benefit Barry? It might shore up some credentials but better suited for a cabinet position rather than the VP slot. Maybe Barry needs to just go ahead and release his entire Department heads to shore up all of those weak areas he has on ANY policy. It might offer some solidity to this CHANGE! theme that is affecting his morphing positions than anything else.

  8. Progressive Dem says:

    Ridiculous Logic of Repubs

    If he picks a woman, he’ll dis Hillary. If he picks someone with foreigh policy experience, it shows he lacks such knowledge. But the most specious yet: If he picks someone with experience, it will highlight his inexperience. So therefore the repubs think he should pick someone with no experience??? Come on. A little higher level thinking.

  9. Game Fan says:

    Midtown Traffic
    Rove and all the other scums associated with him are a bunch of loooooooooooosers. (and sellouts) not representatives. Simply pandering to the “moneyed interests”.

  10. Terran1212 says:

    It probably isn’t best to pick a homophobic borefest as the VP when Obama’s whole shtick is that he’s young and changey.

  11. Terran1212 says:

    And also not a good idea to pick someone the GOP will run ads of touting how much he wanted to blow the crap out of Iraq. The VP also has to have shown some level of good judgement about Iraq, not be a Nunn deskchair warrior who trumpeted attacking a country where sixty percent of the people are under the age of 18 from his air conditioned office.

  12. Icarus says:

    Terran, typical Obama supporter. Often wrong, yet seldom in doubt.

    Would you like to provide any historical evidence that Sam Nunn wanted to “blow the crap out of Iraq”? ’cause I’m pretty sure voting AGAINST the first gulf war while favoring continued sanctions is a funny way to to try to blow the crap out of someone.

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