WGST: Devoid of any understanding of economics

This morning during the 8:00 a.m. news update from anchor David Hull on WGST‘s “Morning Drive with Randy Cook,” he was engaging in his typical snotty style of reporting the news without actually knowing what he was talking about. Then he cut to a WGST reporter who was detailing the $600 million budget shortfall for Georgia. At the end of the story, the reporter (who I can’t remember, but was one of these people) says something to the effect of, ‘and, of course, once state services are cut, everything costs more.’

Once government is cut…everything…costs…more? WHAT?!?!?!

I shouldn’t be surprised because these are the same people who weep and cheer with every rise or fall of the stock market by only a few points and who keep asking questions about gas prices at stations and how they correspond to the costs of light, sweet crude (they still don’t get that, either). To their credit, they didn’t run the story again for the rest of the morning, but that they’d allow such utter pap onto the airwaves even once is indicative of a lack of economic understanding on Peachtree Street in their studios.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Minus 3 points for Rogue’s use of too many “WHAT?”s without enough “HOW?”s, “WHERE?”s, and “WHO?”s in this post and the last one (he did use one “Why?” so that helps…but, just a little).

  2. davidh says:

    It’s obvious you either did not hear the newscast properly or completely misunderstood what you heard. We checked both the show scripts and the copy from Tony Wike’s report and it was not the way you described it in your post. You also had the time of the newscast wrong. It wasn’t 8 am. Kindly get your facts straight before hurling your insults, and have the guts not to take cheap shots anonymously. Is THAT snotty enough for you?

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