They Will Know You By Your Words

And boy, do some people sure use a lot of ’em. Over at that fun and zippy new Georgia politics blog, Georgia Premium, their anonymous (to some) blog admin has compiled a list of statements from “Benedict Cardwell” reflecting on his deep, true feelings about Jim Martin – before the election returns came in that is. A sampling:

Dale Cardwell: “Jim back in 2003, a couple of your top lieutenants called me and they were very worried. They worked for you under the Department of Human Resources when you were the commissioner, and they said ‘Dale we have a computer program that is broken down, its called the ‘Success’ program ironically. And what it does is it allows poor people to sign up for medicaid and for PeachCare and for foodstamps and Mr. Martin is not fixing this computer. He’s allowing it to remain broken down so people come to the DFACS office and they sit in our lobby for hours and hours. Sometimes they have to come back day after day and we tell them fill out this paper form but the fact is we cannot enter you into the computer. And what those lieutenants told me is that this was a back door plan…they told me it was a backdoor way to help Sonny Perdue cut the budget without having to suffer the political consequences. What do you say about that?

Rest of amusing post is here. But as they say now… ABS. (Anything But Snuggles)

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  1. drjay says:

    this sort of stuff can be a story for a day or two–but seriously–what was he going to do–i don’t see him trning around and throwing his support behind senator chambliss–short of sitting it out-which i guess he coud have done–one has to assume if his ultimate goal was not personal glory it was to defeat the incumbent–which leaves him one of these 2 as his options at this point–bush ended up on reagan’s ticket after “voodoo economics” and all that–sometimes political expediency is expedient…

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