The final chapter on Keith Gross…and one more criminal violation he has committed

We all know how the campaign of Keith Gross (D-Not Georgia) ended in such an embarrassing fashion. Now the full story behind Gross’ antics is clear as the decision from Administrative Law Judge Michael A. Malihi has arrived into the Rogue109 Command Center.


In his 18 page decision, Judge Malihi picks apart in a detailed fashion every one of Mr. Gross’ defenses, combined with myriad references to the transcript where Gross would often contradict himself. The evidence makes clear that Keith Gross has no problem fabricating positions when it suits his whim and that his public defense after questions were asked were as empty as his resume. Voters should not consider him in the future for any public office, even if he legitimately qualifies.

But, there’s one last footnote to all this. On pages 104-105 of the transcript (noted on page 8 of Malihi’s decision), Gross testified that “On May 3, 2007, [he] applied for a Georgia Driver’s License for the very first time.” However, as demonstrated in Petitioner’s Exhibit 24 (noted on page 9 of the decision), “Florida records show that both his Florida identification card and Florida’s Driver’s License are still valid.”

Having more than one valid driver’s license is a violation of O.C.G.A. § 40-5-20 (c), which is a misdemeanor in Georgia.

What a fitting end to such a backwards candidacy. That the Solicitor-General of DeKalb County is the pompous and incompetent Robert James, who won’t care, will probably keep him from being charged. An investigator with these guys, though, probably should be giving him a call soon.


  1. atlantaman says:

    The part that has me LMAO is because of his lying and delusions (and the fact Jane Kidd didn’t vet him very well) the Democrats’ number one opportunity to win a seat back has been squandered.

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