Gwinnett County – Like Julia Wallace Ever Stepped Foot In The Place

UPDATE: OMG! Stop the presses! (Ooops, they’ve already done that.) Alert the media then. Julia Wallace has been sighted commenting on a blog. I swear to God this is true. With full transparency too, albeit it IS an AJC-generated blog. Duck! Pigs are surely flyin’ overhead in Dixie now. Scroll comments here to see for yourself. Could a Facebook page or a blog be far behind? Stay tuned As The AJC Twists In The Wind continues.

With a sweeping staff cut, the AJC has iced-out daily print news coverage of life in Gwinnett. Seems nothing’s terribly interesting out there. And whatever there is, it’s certainly not impacting the bottom line. Between this news and the MARTA referendum, Gwinnettians should just build a moat and a drawbridge now. And oh yeah, get a few blogs going. You’re gonna need ’em out there in the ‘burbs. Now more than ever.

And if you haven’t had enough BS with your morning coffee, read this funny memo from AJC publisher, John Mellott. Funny because Mellott neglects to mention the biggest phenom that’s tanked newspaper advertising nationwide: Craig’s List.

A few key blogs in Gwinnett, and hey, even the AJC’s Editor, Julia Wallace, might have to curtail churning out her special brand of bs-laden memo too. You can read yet another prime specimen of her notes ‘o arrogance here. No one does corporate spin like that gal Julia!

Paging Arianna. ATL primed for online local news showdown at the lagging Marietta Street corral.


  1. Game Fan says:

    Interesting that they don’t try to “spin off” these local rags and see whether they sink or swim. Of course the trend with the advertisers is corporate consolidation and the AJC isn’t going to make waves there I don’t suppose. But it’s silly to think there’s no market for local papers.

  2. Icarus says:

    O.K., Spacey, I’ll play along and discuss “old media” when everyone else here is discussing politics today. (You did notice that we had a primary yesterday? I think Barak told you about it.)

    While the traditional business model for the print newspaper is broken, the AJC has the additional problem of having been hostile to the views of its average reader for decades.

    They could get away with pushing the leftist views of the Cox family when they were the monopoly. Now there are too many other choices for folks to get their news, as well as many other places for business to spend their ad dollars.

    So instead of cutting mid-level editors who actually know spelling, punctuation, and grammar, I’ll make a few suggestions:

    1) Maria Saporta as the face of Atlanta Business? Please. She’s a freaking socialist. Bonus firing points because I believe she’s the one who criticized Bernie Marcus upon the announcement of the aquarium donation that the money should have gone to Symphony Hall instead. So, she’s an elitist-socialist.

    2) Terence Moore. He’s not a sports writer. He’s Jessie Jackson with a locker room pass. There has never been a sports issue that he can’t explain by racial bias. We’re supposed to be the city that’s too busy to hate. Terence didn’t get that memo.

    3) Jay Bookman. ITP-centric socialist. His disdain for anything that might reek of capitalism, conservatism, or anything southern would be charming, if that wasn’t the majority of his readership base.

    AJC needs to face facts. They haven’t had a “must read” writer since Lewis Grizzard died. I don’t think he shared many views with the above.

    Notice, btw, that I didn’t include Cynthia Tucker. While it’s extremely rare that I agree with her, I find that she does at least try to follow logic from time to time, and is not afraid to call BS on liberals when they go too far over the edge.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    Maria Saporta an elitist-socialist? That’s a good one! Obviously you’ve never met her before.

    Maybe she just never wanted to see Bernie’s ridiculous fish tank torture all those beautiful wild animals to their (captive) deaths, just so morbidly obese people from Gwinnett County could waddle-by and oogle at something other than their TV sets.

    Maybe she’s more prophetic than socialist. I see Bernie’s fish-killing apparatus only coming back to haunt him.

    As for the symphony… didn’t Arthur resurrect the ASO single-handedly with all those big bags of HD dough he now relishes giving back to the City?

    Let’s think on something about the Boys of DIY for a sec… Arthur Blank (an avowed D) and Bernie Marcus (avowed R) managed to build one of the most successful businesses ever. Together. I think the real inspirations and lessons lie right there about what is truly possible when people work together to accomplish a goal.

    I wish the AJC felt that way about the blogosphere here locally, but hey, I’m just a pie-in-the-sky dreamer. What do I know…

  4. Tea Party says:

    All owned media is going to be biased in some way. From PP (R) to AJC (D) .

    All new media is suspect because there is no owner, masthead, no standards for accuracy or decorem. PP does a good job in self policing, and it sure does seem to be incisive.

    Somewhere in the middle shall arise trustworthy source that is interactive, vetted accurate, and done in real time. May not be important for some whose choice of lifestyle doesn’t require immediacy.

    So far, this is a doggone neat find.

  5. SpaceyG says:

    WTF? Somebody else “owns” PP? I thought I told my finance dude to buy it – for me. Boy, are heads sure gonna roll in other places besides the AJC today.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    “While the traditional business model for the print newspaper is broken, the AJC has the additional problem of having been hostile to the views of its average reader for decades.”

    Hoss-style, doggy-style, whatever the case may be, the AJC has “done it” to its readers, and, to themselves.

  7. Taft Republican says:

    While the traditional business model for the print newspaper is broken, the AJC has the additional problem of having been hostile to the views of its average reader for decades.

    Nail, head, hammer.

    I love the look on those guys’ faces when they come knocking on my door and ask if I’d like to buy a home delivery subscription to the AJC.

    “No thank you. You want the communists that live 4 doors down. They love that stuff.”

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