Paul Broun Crushes Barry

Paul Broun is beating Barry Fleming in Columbia County closely and is dominating Barry in Broun’s home turf of Clarke County.

Put a fork in Fleming. He’s done. Maybe now the GOP establishment in that district will see Broun as legitimate.

UPDATED: In Richmond County they are neck and neck. This means Broun is the winner with close to 70% of the vote.


  1. Romegaguy says:

    Maybe one day Mr. Broun will be sworn in. And to think he did this without any endorsements, too

  2. MountainThinker says:

    Congratulations Rep. Broun. I knew you were going to win 2:1, but 70%…atta boy!

  3. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Man that sucks. I am probably going to have to move now. I had no idea that my fellow constituents are duped by guns and religion so easily.

    Paul Broun won re-election tonight,…and every incumbent except Jim Marshall won re-election tonight.

    And it looks like Donzella James will do better than Deborah Honeycutt. I thought doctors were supposed to be smart, but Honeycutt has defied the conventional wisdom…so does Paul Broun.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    It was as I said.


    Fleming never had serious opposition so that folks in Columbia County could unload on him.

    Good riddance to a real low snake in the grass of a politician.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Barry Fleming will bounce back. He can go apply to be the lobbyist for UGA where he can get paid a lot more money to waste time in the Legislature acting like a buffoon.

  6. Brian from Ellijay says:

    “Paul Broun won re-election tonight,…and every incumbent except Jim Marshall won re-election tonight.”

    Jim Marshall lost? What you been smoking GC?

  7. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Barry changed his last name to Flaming tonight has he went down in a twirling circle of smoke.

  8. HankRearden says:

    I want to congratulate Barry Fleming on getting the thump’n of his life. It was well earned.

  9. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Marshall only won the primary. I suspect that Goddard might be able to give Marshall a run for his money.

    Not smoking anything in this country. Those “good ole boys” do not allow that in this country.

  10. Taft Republican says:

    I told you so.

    Broun controlled the north, and even around Athens.

    Fleming barely got anyone in Augusta to support him.


  11. jsm says:

    I like this from today’s WSJ Political Diary:

    “Dr. Broun will once again do battle with more liberal Members of Congress, many of whom no doubt view him as foolish or dangerous. The conventional wisdom in Washington is that someone in Congress who votes against federal spending that isn’t in accord with the original conception of the Constitution will have trouble getting re-elected. Dr. Broun has just won an overwhelming endorsement from his constituents, despite being outspent and shunned by his party’s establishment. Maybe there’s a lesson there for other Members.”

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