Nickname Zanyness in DeKalb County

It is evidently, in the minds of many running for office in DeKalb County, necessary to have nicknames. Perhaps they think the electorate is too stupid to remember them but for some trite phrase next to their name or maybe they think it actually helps their cause. Regardless, here’s just a partial sampling of names on the ballot today in DeKalb County with their campaign nicknames to illustrate a phenomenon which doesn’t seem as popular in other corners of the state (as far as I know).

– “Positively” Pam Stephenson (HD 92)
– Steen “Newslady” Miles (CEO)
– Viola “Unhappy Taxpayer” Davis (District 4)
– Don “the Ragin’ Cajun” Broussard (District 6)
– Earnest “Coach” Williams (HD 89)

There is also Rita! Robinzine for HD91. Yes, her name in her literature features an explanation point after her first name. DeKalb gets what they vote for.


  1. Tea Party says:

    WE, in DeKalb County, are delighted to provide our Fellow Georgians with a bit of levity as they pursue their otherwise perfect lives.

    “The smart ones will move.”

  2. umustbekidding says:

    The sad thing is, most people only know candidates by their yard signs. If “VOTE” was listed on the ballet, he would win. Before long there will be pictures of the candidates sign next to their name.

  3. Game Fan says:

    Here’s a video that didn’t make it in time to do any good. It’s a virtual tour of Dekalb starting off at PDK and at 4:17 is a typical example of some architecture here in Doraville.

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